A rod is a good and useful thing for a shepherd.

He uses it to protect, defend and guide the sheep.

Moses used his rod well and he was startled one day when God asked, "What is in your hand?" "A rod," Moses replied. The Lord said, "Throw it down." "Why," asked Moses, "it's just a stick?"

God said, "Throw it down." "But I need it for the sheep," argued Moses.

God said, "Throw it down!"

Finally Moses threw the rod down and ran screaming, "God, it's a snake!" "I know," said the Lord, "that's why I told you to throw it down, so that I could take the snake out of it." God took the snake out and when He gave it back, it was no longer the rod of Moses but the rod of God in the hand of Moses. But Moses had to yield it up before God could remove the hazard which Moses didn't even know was there.

What am I holding in my hand? Talent, possessions, position, a relationship, children, physical ability, good looks, ministry, etc., etc., ???

Whatever it is, I need to throw it down before the Lord; let Him take charge of it and then no unsuspected snake, no hidden danger will remain in it.

Good things, lofty dreams, noble ambitions are like a cherished vial of precious perfume. As we pour it out at the feet of Jesus, the fragrance of our submission brings continual joy to God's heart.

What am I holding in my hand? Only God knows if there is a snake in it.

Remember ... when it was the rod of Moses, it helped only Moses and it held a potential threat.

When it became the rod of God in Moses' hand, it helped an entire nation and wrote a history which affected eternity.

With love and prayers,