I felt privileged to be at your baptism and I appreciated your testimony. I think that what you had to say could be very helpful to others who are struggling.

It is good to know that now there are three that bear witness to your life (I John 5:8), the Spirit and the water and the Blood; and these agree in one. The water is the outward human act of obedience as you presented yourself to God through baptism. By the Blood God brings about a real and living cleansing. The vital power of the Blood will ceaselessly carry on its living activity within you. The Spirit confirms the witness of both the Blood and baptism; that you have been made worthy by the Blood of the Lamb and have been invaded by the Resurrection Life of our victorious Saviour. How wonderful that we receive from our Risen Lord His very Life.

It takes the pressure off to realize that Jesus is the only One Who can live the Christian Life and He will live it in and through any one who is available to Him.

Never forget that the One Who knows you best loves you most. He has all the Love to choose what is best for you, all the Wisdom to know what is best for you and all the Power to bring it to reality in your life.

I pray and trust that you will experience a growing reality of the power and presence of Christ in your personal life.