We cannot be deceived by error if we are filled with Truth.

Why did Jesus tell us (Matthew 10:34) that He came not to bring peace but a sword?  Because Jesus exposes and puts a sword through every peace that is not genuine.  Every false peace is on Death Row awaiting execution, being justly condemned for fraud.  There is no (Romans 5:1) true and lasting peace possible apart from (Colossians 1:14) the shed Blood of Jesus on the Cross.  (Dr. Stanley) “If you, like Esau (Genesis 25:34) do not recognize what is valuable in life, you will be ruled by your appetites and not by the Spirit of God.  You will sacrifice your future for the pleasure and gratification of the moment.”   This is an often proven way to bid farewell to peace.  God declared that (Isaiah 48:22) there is no peace to the wicked because they have rejected and refused to know (Isaiah 59:8) the way of peace.  In the consolation chapter of the Bible (John 14:27) My peace I give to you and My peace is not like the deceiving fake peace of the world.  Because He is (Isaiah 9-6) the Prince of Peace, we know that the peace, which only Jesus can give, is the true and lasting peace, which can blossom and triumph in all conditions and situations.  Jesus Himself (Ephesians 2:14) is our Peace.

We don’t have to live in peaceful conditions and pleasant circumstances to have peace.  Trouble, turmoil, calamity, disaster can never disturb the abiding peace which the Lord gives to His own children.  Some people may say they have peace because everything, health – finances – family – job, seems to be going well for them.  That is the fake peace which the world gives and it depends on circumstances.  But every peace not given by the Prince of Peace, is deceitful, undependable and can be snatched away as quickly as a dog grabs a steak set out for the B.B.Q.  How foolish to presume on a future over which you have no control.

I want to tell you a secret which you are free to spread everywhere.


                  Everything minus Jesus equals nothing

                  Jesus plus nothing equals everything.


What is that everything?  It is the reason for which Jesus came into the world.  It is (John 10:10) the abundant life which the Son of God Himself lives victoriously (2 Corinthians 2:14) in us and pours out through us (John 7:38) living water to impact others around us.

 (Dr. Stanley) “If you have difficulty in grasping the principle of abiding in Jesus, come before the Lord with your Bible open to John chapter 15 and slowly, carefully, prayerfully read the first 8 verses.  Then by determined faith receive the life of the Son of God in exchange for your life.  You don’t have to struggle or beg because this is God’s will for you.”

 We don’t have to be told that our world is in chaos.  What is God doing and why?  We cannot fully comprehend (Ecclesiastes 3:11) all of God’s purpose or timing - - but we can trace Sovereign wisdom through the ages and get some understanding.  Join me again in my time machine and we’ll travel back to see what God did to prepare for the First coming of Jesus.  Augustus Caesar was a tool in the Lord’s hand when he ordered a census which required every person in the Rome-dominated world to register at their place of origin.  For Mary and Joseph that meant a 5 day trip of 70 miles.

 (Dr. Youssef) “Not Jerusalem – no hope in religion.  Not Rome – no hope in politics.  Not Athens – no hope in philosophy”.  Bethlehem – at the exact right time (Galatians 4:4) God sent His Son into the world and Jesus was then and still is the only hope of the world.  Only Jesus can give true and lasting peace.  What is God doing in the world now to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus?  Many of the things Jesus spoke of in Luke 21, Matthew 24 and 25 are happening or casting their shadows before them right now.  Of course, we cannot know all the details of timing of God’s plans but neither are we blind to the signs of the times.

 Tremendous increases in pandemic plagues, natural disasters and lawlessness (2 Timothy chapter 3) will increase all over the world.  We also see an increase in the spreading of the Gospel through the wonderful know-how God has given to some for amazing technology.  Knowledge (Daniel 12:4) will increase.  These things are the preparation and forerunners of coming events in the world.  These very events can open new doors, dark hidden areas which have been closed to the Gospel.  Dire need is opening doors and as God’s saints deliver essential medical and basic supplies, they will also take the message of salvation.  Present day disasters are also an urgent call to the Church to wake up, be watchful, obedient and ready for the Rapture of the Church when (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17) believers are taken to be forever with the Lord.  They are also the buildup to the Great Tribulation when God’s wrath and punishment will be inflicted upon all those who have spurned God’s grace and rejected the merciful offer of the free gift of eternal salvation through the shed Blood of Jesus on the Cross.  At the end of the judgment period Satan will be chained for 1000 years and God will make it a world of peace, good health, spiritual learning and prosperity.  It will be the Garden of Eden all over again and there will be no death except for open rebellion.  When the 1000 years will have ended, Satan will be released for a short time and will go around to deceive the nations.  God will judge between individuals and nations, those who have received or rejected the gospel of the Kingdom.  Then Satan will be confined in eternal torment forever and the Lord will make all things new.  There will be a new heaven and a new earth and Jesus will establish His everlasting reign of peace, righteousness and joy and of His Kingdom there will be no end.

How do we know confidently and with full assurance that these things are true?  This is the REVELATION and the vivid reality of the Holy Scriptures, the living God-breathed Word of the eternal God.  In those scriptures God spoke these world-changing events into irrevocable future history.

In your life and/or in the world (Dr. Swindoll) “Don’t just see what is happening but see what God is doing in what He causes to happen”.  Where is your mind?  Is it wandering?  Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3) whose mind is stayed on Thee.  If your focus is on the trivial you will miss the treasures.  Great peace have they (Psalms 119:165) who love and obey God’s Word and nothing can really upset them.  Nothing can cause them to stumble or be distracted by Satan’s temptations to fake peace by indulging in quick gratification.  We cannot be tripped up if we are standing firm on the Rock.  We cannot be deceived by error if we are filled with Truth.

 If you see in a mirror the reflection of a lovely arrangement of roses, because of its beauty you will want to turn and look at the real thing, the actual flowers.  During this interim time we have, if we are undistorted mirrors (2 Corinthians 3:18) reflecting the glory of the Lord, His beauty will make others heart-hungry for Jesus.