By consistently loving, trusting and obeying the Lord.

(OSWALD CHAMBERS) “Never separate God manifest in the flesh from the Son becoming sin.  The Incarnation was for the purpose of redemption.  The Cross is the centre of time and eternity”.  The Son of God could not (John 8:29) fulfill the will of God without a human body (Hebrews 10:5-7) because His mission was to die in order to fulfill His destiny and bring (Hebrews 2:10) many sons to glory.  When God the Holy Spirit deposited Divine sperm (Luke 1:35) to collide with a human egg in the borrowed womb of a virgin girl, the mystery of God incarnate began.  God and Man were one.  Jesus said (John 10:30, John 17:11) I and my Father are One.  On the Cross God was in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:19) reconciling the world to Himself by the miracle which began in a virgin’s womb.

When I have a question it is like the ringing of the doorbell of my heart.  I fling the door wide open for a precious and richly profitable conversation with the Holy Spirit.

This morning I had another one of my many questions.  What does it really mean to worship the Lord (1 Chronicles 16:29) in the beauty of His Holiness?  God is the One Who is holy, I am the one who worships, how do these come together to make beauty?  (I have to keep pausing in my writing for tears of worship as the wonderful Holy Spirit continues to reveal deeper truth).  God was the holy Giver, Mary was the worshiper – the obedient (Luke 1:38) worshiper.  From that union God created the Beauty through whom (2 Corinthians 5:19) He could and would reconcile the world unto Himself.

 Once again and always the Beauty of that union is Jesus reproducing His Resurrection Life in me, not an imitation or a copy but His very Life.  The Beauty of my God (Psalms 96:09) upon me is JESUS manifested in my human body. The Beauty of God the Father was upon Jesus so He could say that (John 14:9) whoever saw Him saw the Father.  If the Beauty of God is upon me, Jesus will be seen by all who see me.  This amazing thought brings me to wordless awe and worship.  I tremble before the astounding privileges we are given because of Deity incarnate within us.  (Dr Tozer) “Of all the life forms on the earth only humans have the capacity to worship”.  Even though (Ecclesiastes 3:11) God has placed eternity in all human hearts, my best efforts can never produce holiness in myself.  To receive Eternal Life is to receive God Himself, the God of holiness.

(OSWALD CHAMBERS) “The resurrection of Jesus has given Him the authority to impart the Life of God to me.  I can have the resurrection life of Jesus now and it will express itself in holiness”.  How can I express my gratitude for the matchless, limitless power of the precious Blood and all that Jesus purchased for me?  Only by consistently loving, trusting and obeying the Lord. 

Every gift (James 1:17) including talents and abilities is from the Lord, so wherever you work and whatever you do (Colossians 3:23-24) do your best because God is your real ultimate Boss and there will be a day of accountability.  When we arrive in heaven each one of us has an appointment with the Judge at the Judgment Seat of Christ, which is only for Christians.  In that regard (Dr. Jeremiah) quoted a Bible scholar who said, “The gold, silver, jewels (1 Corinthians R.3:12) are things God created.  The works which survive the fire are those works which God has done through us.  The wood, hay, stubble are the things we did.”  The Lord searches our minds and (Jeremiah 17:10) sees our hearts.  His Coming is near (James 5:8-9) and the Judge is already standing at the door.  He will come quickly, unexpectedly and (Revelation 22:12) He brings His reward with Him.

While I was praying, I became more deeply aware of these facts.  When I am praying in the Holy of Holies in the high and holy place (Isiah 57:15) where God dwells in eternity, I not only leave the world and time restraints behind, not only enter the eternal NOW of Almighty God but also am assured that there is not one place or one or more people anywhere in the world that I cannot reach and touch personally with my prayer.  Prayer excels aero dynamics and travels thousands of miles in mere seconds.  There is no peace and no power (Matthew 5:8) without purity.  From my position of safe shelter, sufficient food and no abuse, how can I pray wisely and effectively for more than 300 million persecuted Christians?  Unless - - my life is such that my prayer is unbroken communion with my heavenly Father, a heart-to-heart exchange in which I seek His mind and know His heart.  In deepening oneness with God, feel the beat of His heart for the requests I am bringing to Him.  In deepening oneness with God, I will feel the beat of His heart for the needs and persons on my heart.  So it truly is heart-to-heart communion.  Prayer is the amazing heart-felt conversation between the Transcendent Sovereign God and one of His children so there is no limit to What He will do in response.  When all my desires are God-given desires, there is nothing I can ask that my Father will not grant.  That is why true prayer is always made in the Name of Jesus presenting all that He is.

Eternal Life is forever (John 6:37, John 8:51, John 11:25-26) it never ends.  Christians will never die but will live forever.  Physical death is essential for Christians who go before the Rapture because our present bodies could not exist in heaven.  For Christians physical death is simply discarding our temporary outer garment, the body which clothed our person.  We will be already in heaven when burial or cremation puts our bodies in a change room where they wait for their radiant new clothes.  The Lord Jesus will (Philippians 3:21) transform, fashion anew and conform our bodies to the glory and majesty of His body.  If we are still on earth at the Rapture (1 Corinthians 15:51-52) our bodies will be transformed and glorified in an instant just before we ascend to heaven with Jesus.  It requires a glorified body to breathe the air of God’s glorious heaven with endless supplies of immortal life.

The next event on the calendar of God’s agenda is (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18) the Rapture of the Church.  Am I prepared and ready?  Are you?  Blessed are the ones (Luke 12:37) whom the Master will find alert, obedient and watchful when He comes.  If the Word of God (Psalms 119:111) is the rejoicing of my heart, then I will (Ecclesiastes 5:20) no matter the circumstances, mirror the tranquility of God.