Sovereign security controls the entire universe.

Do you really, trust, genuinely believe in the absolute sovereignty of God?  God said (Psalms 103:19) that His Sovereign Kingdom rules over all, and He means OVER ALL, over everything everywhere, continually and always.  We have a free will up to a point, but it has limits.  Our will is definitely NOT absolute and will never be permitted to go beyond what absolutely Sovereign God allows.  The final word is always His.  Who is he who speaks and it comes to be (Lamentations 3:37, Psalms 33:9-11) if God has not commanded it?  I am asking the Holy Spirit, my patient Teacher and loving Companion, to take me deeper into the all-the-time reality of God’s Sovereignty life, in the building where I reside, in the world and in the entire universe.  What about shocks, surprises, the unexpected and unknown?  To live moment-by-moment in the security of God’s unfailing Sovereignty, will give us the luxury of a worry-free life.  Faith is recognizing WHO God is and so trusting Him that we can rest and relax in His holy unchangeable Sovereignty.

God made a promise to Abraham (Genesis 12:3) and Abraham believed God so completely that it was as if he actually saw (John 8:56) the coming of the Messiah of Israel, the Saviour of the world.  He was glad and rejoiced in the REALITY of God’s Sovereign promise.  If your problems and difficulties seem impossible, don’t look around in fear to other sources, any other source but (Isaiah 40:9) Behold your God!  Your problems are God’s opportunities, so be more (Romans 8:37) than a conqueror by rejoicing with Abraham in the eternal Sovereignty of our God.  (Dr. Swindoll) “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”  If we are peacefully assured in God’s Sovereignty, we will not react.  We will accept whatever comes from the hand of our loving Sovereign God because we know that His giving hand is (James 1:17) the servant of His loving heart.  The Christian life is not always mounting up with eagle wings.  Sometimes it is just walking mile after weary commonplace mile, faithfully without fainting but in every case with unswerving, uncompromising integrity. Whether we are flying high or trudging painfully, God’s Sovereignty is our indestructible security blanket, which never relapses but constantly enfolds us, which is continually present with us and lovingly reassures us.

We are seeing now many of the disasters which (Matthew 24) Jesus declared would happen in the world.  So pray, pray with confidence in God’s undiminished Sovereignty.  Pray that His purpose and power and glory will be evident in it all, to many people all over the world and make them realize their need of God.  We have been given (Matthew 24:14) the reason for this time of calamity.  Pray that the final outcome will reveal the wisdom and perfection of His Sovereignty.  As we pray let us be heart-to-heart with the Lord in His Sovereignty.  As we consider the tragedies, calamities and disasters happening all around us, we need to dig deeper into spiritual understanding of God’s Sovereignty.  Sometimes God’s Sovereignty permits the sins of some people and some nations to mount up almost to heaven so that others will see and repent before certain judgment falls.  Tragedies and pain can educate people to see their need of God and salvation. 

If a person dies leaving unpaid debts, those debts become the obligation of his descendants.  Every human being is a descendant of Adam and we are born with a spiritual debt beyond our ability to pay and our sinful acts increases our debt.  I heard a pastor say that spiritual understanding is to ‘stand under’ God’s revelation of Truth with surrender to and trust in God’s Truth.  I find personally that in God’s Truth, and only in God’s Truth, we receive the unspeakable precious and increasing revelation of God Himself.  Also, the sign of the times are a God-given opportunity for us to (Matthew 25:40) give and share with needy people all over the world.  Everything that looks so wrong is Sovereignty designed so that people will clearly see the differences and consequences between devilish wickedness and godly righteousness.

Self-pity is a dreadful sin because it accuses God of being wrong in what He has allowed in my life.  Human sympathy can be another snare for me.  Certainly, I am to sympathize with others to the point of (Galatians 6:2) obeying Christ by bearing their burdens and troubles.  But if my sympathy causes me to question God’s Sovereignty, I have crossed a dangerous line.  When Peter tried to prevent suffering in the life of Jesus (Matthew 16:22-23) Jesus said that he had joined Satan’s team.  My sympathy and prayer for others must be guided by the Holy Spirit and I need to realize that suffering (Philippians 1:29) can be God’s gift in my own life and in the lives of other Christians.  We have been granted the privilege not only to believe but also to suffer for Christ’s sake.

God is holy, so of course His Sovereign control is holy and resplendent with the beauty and the glory of God, whether or not we see it.  But the deeper we dig into God’s Word, the more we will see it and with growing comprehension.  We have no doubt that God will make all things new (Revelation 21:5) just because He said He would.  Certainly, we cannot comprehend all the compelling wonder and mystery of God’s Sovereignty, but we should never doubt it - - no matter what.  The Lord our God knows everything about everything, everywhere and always because He is Omniscient.  His Sovereignty is embellished by His supreme wisdom, superb wisdom and reveals the marvel of His Omnipotence.  There is nothing God cannot do EXCEPT anything that would violate His holy character.  He cannot lie, cannot fail, cannot deny Himself.  The Lord always does the right thing in the right way at the right time to accomplish the totally right and holy conclusion.  We should exult in our Sovereign security because of God’s total Sovereign control throughout the entire universe.