God’s will is the only safe place.

We are told (Romans 12:1) to present our bodies as a living sacrifice to God.  Why the body?  Because (2 Corinthians 6:16) our body is the temple of God.  Since He is the Owner, He is also the Master.  The Lord engineers every detail and circumstance of my life and He energizes me to obey Him in the details and circumstances of my life.  If you want perfection in your life, I’ll tell you the secret of perfection for your life.  Always pray for God’s will, God’s way and God’s timing.  His will is always best because it is the only safe place.  God’s way in the right direction every time.  God’s timing is always right-on-perfect.

My plan has 2 parts.  First:  Yield without reservation, obey without hesitation and trust without agitation.  Add to that a lifetime fast, not from food but from everything that was never in Jesus.  Second:  Put everything you are and have, health, job, money, family, friends, everything into the hand of God.  Then take everything that comes into your life (apart from sin) no matter how it appears, from the hand of God.  Then nothing will ever get out of hand.

Now listen to these amazing Words of our loving heavenly Father.  If all you have is Mine (Luke 15:31) then all I have is yours!!!  Listen again in wonder and worship to these Words which were spoken by God (Exodus 33:17, Numbers 14:20) to a man who was in intimate relationship with Him.  If you do what I say then I will do what you say, do according to your word!!!

How unwise we are if we do not pursue growing, keeping, wonder-filled, loving intimacy with our glorious Lord.

A good and wise prayer from (Major Ian Thomas) “Lord, teach my mind, control my emotions, direct my will and govern my behaviour.”

Christian life is not hard, it’s impossible.  Whatever kind of life we are living – if Jesus Christ is not living HIS victorious resurrection life in and through us by the Holy Spirit – then the life we are living is not the Christian life.