Probably like you, I have often meditated on the anguish of the Father and the agony of Jesus throughout all the circumstances leading up to and including the Cross. One Saturday (the day before Easter) as I was working away at the ironing board, my thoughts were running along this line, when a new thought formed a question in my mind. "What about the Holy Spirit?" Yes, I thought; what about Him?

What was He enduring through all of this? Jesus promised that the Father would send the Holy Spirit, Who would be, among other things, our Comforter and our Advocate. As Advocate, He would plead our cause, be our Lawyer, our Counsellor, our Defender. As Comforter, He would provide comfort and ease, soothe us in distress or sorrow, put our minds at ease and relieve us from worry, bring us consolation and hope.

BUT --- at what cost would He come to do all this for us? He, Whom Jesus called the Comforter, deprived Jesus of every vestige of comfort and left Him alone in Gethsemane, during Satan's most brutal attacks and through the torture of crucifixion.

He, Whom Jesus called the Advocate, left Jesus totally alone and utterly defenceless throughout the cruel mockery of a so-called trial. The Holy Spirit is the great Lover of the Lord Jesus and no human mind can fathom the depth of His suffering as He deserted the dearest Object of His love. But now, for us, the comfort and counsel of the Holy Spirit will never be withheld or withdrawn.

No wonder He is so deeply grieved when we forsake Jesus now by our attitudes or actions. Because our Saviour has conquered:-- when the Accuser comes to harass us with guilt of the past, we need only call on our ever-present Advocate. He reminds us, and then we declare to our enemy that the precious Blood which cleansed us will never lose its power. Out Advocate assures us and then we declare to our enemy that we have been pronounced JUSTIFIED by the highest court in the universe. When sorrows like sea billows roll, when we are hemmed in on every side, when everything seems to go against us, when our emotions are raw and our hearts are sore ... we need only call on our ever-present Comforter. All of the soothing and relief, which were not available to Jesus, and because they were deliberately withheld from Him, the Comforter lavishes upon us in healing balm. All of the precious riches we have inherited in Christ came at staggering cost. May I never take them lightly. May I never be so foolish as to try to get along without any of the priceless provision of the Triune God.

With love and prayers,

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