Why didn't Jesus answer?

Caiaphas was in a blind rage because He wouldn't answer. Pilate was frustrated and confused by His mystical replies and silence. Herod was disappointed not to see a miracle side-show and contemptuous because He made no reply.

We know what He could have answered. With one word He could have ordered lightning to strike them. With one word He could have commanded a meteor to destroy the world. We also know that it was not lack of power which made Him silent but love and wisdom beyond telling, beyond understanding. Knowing too, that we were there, causing His anguish, yet even then embraced by His redemption. Knowing what we know, we are so thankful that He was as a sheep before its shearers is dumb. We bow before Him in awe and gratitude and worship.

But wait -- wait just a minute -- wait -- think .... What about when He doesn't answer now? What about those times when I come again and again to Him with my requests and He seems to be silent? Do I react in anger like Caiaphas, in frustration like Pilate, in contempt like Herod because I see no instant miracles? Do I turn away in resentment and give way to discouragement and disloyalty? Come clean, treacherous heart, do I leave Him alone and join the mockers? If I can believe that it was His love and wisdom which prevented Him from answering away back then, what possible reason could I have for doubting that now? Only at the Cross do I comprehend the wisdom of delayed answers. Only at the Cross do I see that it is super-abounding love which explicitly times the answers to my prayers. He always knows when "the hour is come" for my greatest benefit.

In the light of Calvary love, how could I forget or doubt that? Perhaps a more accurate question, and certainly more painful, is: why would I choose to forget or doubt that?

Faith in God is sometimes a terrific venture in the dark; it is the inborn capacity to see God in everything and to be certain of Him.

Jesus said (John 14:31) Satan is coming AND I obey God! AND not BUT. Satan is always coming ... to upset, to divide, to deceive, to accuse, to destroy. Jesus obedience to God caused Satan's attack to fulfill God's purpose. Our obedience and loyal faith will always cause Satan's attacks to further God's purpose. ONLY TRUST HIM NOW!

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