Are we giving God the pleasure of which He is worthy?

I was having breakfast and talking to the Lord, as usual, about whatever is on my mind. I was thinking again about dinosaurs, mastodons and sabre tooth tigers. I know God has a purpose for everything but I was still wondering why. Then the Lord dropped part of a verse (Revelation 4:11) into my thoughts, “Thou hast created – and for Thy pleasure created”.
Of course - - if you are artistic (which I definitely am not) when you create something you take pleasure in the finished product. Your pleasure is deepened by the pleasure of others who see and admire your work. Why is God worthy (Revelation 4:11) because He created? What gives Him pleasure in what He created? He is worthy because of the purpose for which He created. His pleasure is in the fulfillment of that purpose. Such as --? The heavens (Psalms 19:1) declare the Glory of God. His eternal power and Divinity (Romans 1:20) are made clearly discernible through what He created. Lift up your eyes (Isaiah 40:26) and see. When all creation was completed (Genesis 1:31) God pronounced it “very good”. He made the earth (Jeremiah 51:15) by His power, He established the world by His wisdom and stretched out the heavens by His understanding.
The Lord’s pleasure is heightened when we “enjoy” and praise Him for the beauty and wonders of His creation. Because – with us in mind – He planned it all for us in love. Can we even begin to count the lavish benefits of creation? Not just physical but also emotional; the sheer delight we all feel in sunshine – the promise of Spring with the first “hello” of a robin – the fragrance of lilacs after the rain – the first determined crocus pushing its pretty head through remaining traces of snow – Autumn leaves when God lights candles in the trees – and so much more to fill our souls with loveliness. You cannot see the Creator if you are looking on the face of an idol.
What was in God’s heart at the time of creation – beyond artistry – beyond wisdom – beyond provision – beyond perfection? Was there also pain in His heart because He knew what we would do in His world and to His world? And yet - - and yet - - He had already planned and prepared (Revelation 13:8) for that too.
How could it ever be possible that my love for my loving Lord would not be the chief of all my emotions?
We bring all of our needs and requests to the Lord and that is right – BUT – we must totally reject any idea that God exists for us. The DNA of sin is selfishness. Remember always that we were created for God’s pleasure and that means that we exist for God. Everything we are and have and desire must be fully surrendered to Him. We cannot nail to the Cross anything from which we are not willing to be broken.
We sing a chorus – “Thou art worthy because Thou has created all things and for Thy pleasure they are created”. Do you see the personal impact and responsibility? You are – I am – created for God’s pleasure. (How are we doing?). Like the artist who is pleased with the completed project – God knows that we are not finished yet but surely we should be having more brush strokes – more shaping and molding – by the hands of the ARTIST/POTTER until He can present us faultless (Jude 1:24-25) before the throne of His glory and His pleasure will become His eternal joy. Are we helping or hindering? We who caused His pain can cause His pleasure. Have our temporary pleasures become more important to us than the joy God is worthy to have in the finished product? As God’s creation (Romans 1:20) His power and Divinity should be clearly discernible through you and me – and increasingly as we approach the Master’s finishing touches.
What happens when we please God? Take a look.
Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah were about 14 when they were exiled to Babylon and for 3 years were educated in Babylonism language, customs, culture and idolatry. These brilliant boys learned quickly and well but did not give in to the attempted brain-washing. All 4 had believed the Word of the Lord through the prophet Jeremiah. They were committed to God and fully trusted Him..
Dr.David Jeremiah pointed out (Daniel 1:21) that Daniel continued. Nebuchadnezzar – come and gone – Daniel continued. Belshazzar – come and gone. Daniel continued. Darius – come and gone – Daniel continued. Then Cyrus came – and Daniel continued. For over 70 years Daniel continued in faithful obedience to God. Because right from the start (Daniel 1:8-16) Daniel purposed in his heart – he had conviction, courage, courtesy and confidence.
Someone has said – a Christian needs prudence, politeness and pluck. Daniel certainly had these characteristics and he is one of the very few men in the Bible (along with Joseph and Joshua) about whom nothing bad was ever said. No fault (Daniel 6:4) was found in him.
Do we “dare to be a Daniel?”
I know that we can’t begin to grasp all that God is but it is very profitable to dig into the mystery. The other day I told the Lord that I am so glad and thankful that He is the One True God and that the One True God is Him. Can you imagine the horror and desolation of our lives if God was less or other than He is – always was – always will be? His Omniscience, His Omnipotence and Omnipresence could possibly make Him seem – so far above – so far beyond – remote. But these very attributes come to us in an enveloping, insulated blanket of very personal, never-failing Love. Our security is guaranteed in His unchanging – unchangeable Sovereignty. Let’s take time often to bathe our souls in wonder, gratitude and adoration.
For You Lord are high above all the earth; (Psalms 97:9) You are exalted far above all gods. Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive (Revelation 4:11) glory, honour and power and (Revelation 5:13) blessing and (Revelations 1:6) majesty and dominion forever.
Put these 2 verses side by side in your mind. Have we truly grasped that they are 2 sides of the same COIN?
Isaiah 53:7 – as a lamb led to the slaughter and as a sheep before his shearers is dumb, so He opened not His mouth.
Revelation 19:16 – His Name is KING of kings and LORD of lords.
Let us think deeply, ponder, meditate and worship before the wonder and the mystery of JESUS. Do we treasure above all our holy privilege of deepening intimacy with Him? When we see Him - - how well will we know Him?

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