Bad News

Not more bad news? Yes, more sadness and tragedy for the family. And just a week after a shocking death in the family had left us almost stunned.

Finally alone, I drove along thinking of the changes and involvement this difficult situation would require, and talking to the Lord from my heavy heart. The Voice that answered me was a gentle Voice, a Voice which reminded me that "FEAR NOT" appears 366 times in the Bible; one for every day plus one for Leap Year. Once again God confirmed that what is most important is not our circumstances but God's constant love and the unchanging truth that GOD'S WILL will never take us where HIS GRACE will not sustain us and HIS POWER will not enable us.

Later that same week, two dear friends called, both having suffered shocking tragedies in their families. Truly we join all creation in this fallen world, longing for, groaning for, anticipating full redemption. How thankful we are that Christ's Resurrection guarantees restoration of full-orbed life and the ultimate triumph of good throughout the universe. How urgent it is that we demonstrate what God is like, to the many around us who sorrow without hope. How good it is to know that suffering actually enlarges our capacity to enjoy the final glory when it comes.

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