Balance - Sovereign control / satanic attack

As we grapple with pain and strive to maintain a wise and healthy balance, there are so many factors to keep in mind. Since there are far too many to be jotted down, the best way is to be thoroughly versed in the overall Scriptural principles. However, a few basics make a good primer.

What do you really, truly believe, deep down in your innermost being, is the honest answer to the following question? "Has God ever done anything unwise, unthinking or without good purpose?" If the answer is NO, then why was Satan not destroyed at his defection; why was he

allowed to bring sin, misery and death into the world? Our world-view needs to be based on the fact that God alone is the Creator and because He is good, everything He created is good. Satan cannot create anything; he can only pervert. Isaiah 45:7 "I make peace and create

evil." This verse needs to be seen in its context that proud, boastful, arrogant, pompous man can never gainsay the Sovereign God.

Peace is translated well-being. Evil can be translated sorrow, wretchedness, adversity, calamity, affliction, etc., but never can it be translated sin. God created evil in the same sense that He made sorrow, etc., to be the sure fruits of sin. Moral evil proceeds from the will of man but physical evil/calamity proceeds from the will of God. Sin is not a creation; it is the outcome of a wrong relationship set up between two of God's creatures. What makes sin so exceedingly sinful is that it is a perversion of righteousness. Every vice is a virtue corrupted, every illness and disease is health deformed, every tragedy is a benefit twisted, every cruelty is a kindness prostituted, every sin is righteousness gone wrong. Should we blame God for this or is there something else to consider?

We don't fully realize how high and privileged we were created to be and how great is the glory of being created a human being. Nor do we realize how far-flung is the devastating power and degradation of our Fall. According to the Bible, man, sadly, is responsible for the introduction of Satan; this is the result of communication between man and the devil. Satan is to be humiliated by man, overcome, conquered and crushed beneath the feet of human beings (Romans 16:20). This is the victory of the Incarnation. Although I do not begin to understand this fully, because of my question at the beginning of this paper, I think there is coming a day when we will thank God for His wisdom in allowing Satan. On that day when all that was lost in Adam is fully restored and much, much more is lavished on God's children, we will delight in God's wisdom as all the dark and painful mysteries are explained. I have long realized the connection between Genesis 1:26-28 and Revelation 5; but recently I saw, for the first time with such startling clarity, the connection between our sojourn on earth and the title-deed to this world.

As Creator and Sustainer of all things, Jesus Christ held the title-deed to this world and had dominion over it. In lavish, loving generosity (Genesis 1:26-28) God gave dominion to Adam but it was wrested from him by a cruel usurper and so, today, the earth is in Satan's power and all creation groans. We who have been set free from Satan's dominion, by submitting to God can resist him and, from our position of victory in the Cross of Christ, we can attack him. The onslaught of our warfare in specific places will cause him to back up, back off and get out. By our continuing warfare we take back ground and reclaim territory for the Kingdom. This is the Church's intended occupation since Pentecost and as long as we are on Planet Earth.

God will soon complete all His strange works in Revelation, all that which is necessary so that the victorious Lion-Lamb can take back the title-deed to this whole world, which He died to redeem (Revelation 5). He fully purchased redemption and He will bring it to completion. In

the "little while between" we are to continue with His work of reclaiming for redemption the territories which Satan has falsely claimed. Because we operate in the power and authority of HIS NAME, the gates of Hell cannot prevail against us.

We find comfort, encouragement and enlightenment in God's question to Satan (Job 1:7). "Where have you been?" This question was not because the Omniscient God didn't know. This is Divine Authority demonstrating that Satan must always answer to God. He appears in Heaven, not as an unexpected, unpreventable invasion but because he must give an account of his activities and get permission for his doings.

- King Saul (1 Samuel 16:14) - an evil spirit from the Lord.

- Paul (2 Corinthians 12:7) - not deceived; he knew the thorn in the flesh was a messenger from Satan, ALLOWED BY GOD.

- Persistent disobeyer (1 Corinthians 5:5) - delivered to Satan.

As a man thinks (Proverbs 23:7) so is he. Satan knows the tremendous power of the mind and tries to capture it for himself. He aims to make us believe that God is cruel or helpless or uncaring, and that things are all wrong. Satan's weapon is often suffering, many kinds of different suffering. He wants to control circumstances so the believer will suffer. He attacked Job through the circumstances around him and Job lost his children, his wealth, his wife's favour and his friends. Then Satan attacked Job's person with a horrible disease. All around him, everywhere he looked, Job's situation was painful and it seemed that God had forsaken him.

It is important to understand that God was always in control. Satan could not attack Job's possessions or person until God gave him permission. (John 17:15) I do not ask that You will take them out of the world ... BUT ... that You will protect them fr om the evil one.

Satan cannot touch a believer without God's permission, so it's encouraging to know that God has ordained whatever suffering may come to us. The ONE THING God does not control is how we respond to suffering and THAT is where Satan can gain his purpose. Satan can only do what God allows. But if we receive and accept his lies about the circumstances along with the circumstances, we have given our minds into his control. We can neither explain nor control the circumstances but we can control our attitude/reaction. We talk a lot about government, public morality, social issues, etc. (Matthew 16:13) but again, we cannot explain or control these circumstances. It is ourselves (Matthew 16:15) not what others think.

(Isaiah 53:10) "It pleased the Lord to bruise HIm." If God's pleasure came from the bruising, either in Christ's case or in ours, then God is a sadist. But that is so false as to be blasphemous. God's pleasure was in our redemption through the death of His beloved Son. And we are to fill up ... (Colossians 1:24). Not that we can add anything to the completed work of redemption but -- God has not yet accomplished all He intends to through suffering. Satan's purpose is to make us impatient with God's will (James 5:11). He wants us to give up; to come to that place where, because we don't understand God, we stop trusting Him. We need patience and faith to see the end/purpose of the Lord (Job 42:10).

The inconvenience of being a weak human being in a dangerous world cannot always be blamed directly on Satan. One of the facts about being a human being is the ability to feel pain, to be hurt. We are thankful for this ability.

Pain is a message but if we fail to get the message. pain becomes a disease. We are not to be dependent on our circumstances. If the good things and comforts control us, they become our gods. If they are removed we suffer pain; needless pain because it is caused by a distortion of good. Many things are simply the result of living in a fallen world. Famines, disasters, catastrophes, tragedies, etc., we cannot explain. We cannot explain the grief and the indescribable anguish. The WHY is unanswerable. Many times we have to accept without understanding. Creation has been twisted, warped. (Jeremiah 12:11)

The land is in mourning. We, along with all creation, groan because of the bondage of sin and wait for full redemption (Romans 8:18-23). God will not shield us from any of the requirements of His sons and daughters. Think it not strange concerning the fiery trial (2 Peter 4:12). Notice God's waste of saints according to the world's judgment. Often God seems to plant His saints in the most useless places. God puts His saints where they will glorify Him and He allows in their lives what will glorify Him; and we are no judges of that at all. No matter how much it hurts, it gives God the chance to manifest HIMSELF in our mortal flesh.

That's why Satan's prayer was granted (Luke 22:31). Satan has desired to have you ... BUT ... you cannot fall farther than the prayers of the Great Intercessor. This BUT of the Lord Jesus is our Bridge Unto Triumph.

Satan's desire is for a harvest of useless chaff after he has destroyed the precious wheat. Jesus' prayer is that the chaff will be destroyed and the wheat refined, made willing to die, to be planted, in order to bring a harvest which will alter the whole landscape.

BALANCE; Satan's desires against the prayers of Jesus. Will any prayer of Jesus, the victorious Conqueror be denied? (1 Peter 3:22) By the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Who is gone into Heaven, angels and authorities and powers being made subject unto Him. Satan cannot harm the believer who will not harm himself. Our faith must be tested or it is not faith at all, it is only shallow sentiment. Faith can be turned from mere head knowledge into personal possession only through conflict. The test will either prove that my faith is right or it will kill it. Faith is unutterable trust in God, trust which never dreams that He will not stand by us and bring us through in triumph to reign in LIFE (Romans 5:17). (1 Corinthians 2:5) Faith stands, not in the wisdom of men but the power of God. Divine illumination is necessary to grasp spiritual truth. (Isaiah 28:16) No haste, no panic. (Psalms 25:10) All the paths of the Lord are mercy and steadfast love.

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