Blessings that corrupt

If the Lord has gifted you with a particular ministry and you receive compliments, admiration or praise, immediately pour it out to the Lord.

Some thoughts from Oswald Chambers were rattling around in my head until God gave me the title and told me to write.  Jump into my time machine and we will travel back in time about 1,000 years.

The Lord was giving victory against the Philistines by the mighty men in David’s army.  David was heard to sigh longingly for a drink of water out of the well in Bethlehem (2 Samuel 23:14) where the Philistines were encamped!  Three of his mighty men risked their lives, broke through the Philistine lines and brought water from the well in Bethlehem to David.  That wonderful, refreshing water was right in his hand.  Now watch his satisfaction in drinking it – but – but – but - he pours it out!  Common sense is screaming – what a waste!  I heard that again years later when a woman came up to Jesus with an alabaster flask of very precious perfume and poured it on His head as he reclined at the dinner table.  The disciples were indignant and said (common sense again) (Matthew 26:8) to what purpose was all this waste?  They thought only of the money value.  She estimated on her love for Jesus and poured out her richest possession on Him.  In that pouring out, her love was transfigured and Jesus connected her loving sacrifice with His burial. What if she hadn’t? We could not still be inhaling the wonderful fragrance of that perfume and learning that nothing for Jesus is ever wasted.  Common sense can be the liar that makes us traitors to our Lord.  Let’s take a deeper look at David.  Why did he pour the water out after 3 heroes had risked life and limb?  Notice carefully – he didn’t just pour it out, he poured it out (2 Samuel 23:16) to the Lord.  I think this takes careful thought.  David knew that, in spite of his thirst, he was not worthy of such a sacrificial gift.  He knew that there is only ONE Who was worthy of that precious gift and he had to pour it out to the Lord.  What if he hadn’t?  Was there a danger that his soldiers would idolize him (the giant killer) instead of worshiping God?  If he had taken into himself that water, would God continue giving victory to Israel?  Were the 3 heroes upset or did David’s act of worship draw them to reverential awe before the God Who alone is worthy of praise?  This historic event can teach us much truth.  It was an act of pure worship when David poured out the water and God continued to pour in rich blessings on David and his kingdom.  Do we realize that the way we worship God can have a positive or negative effect on other lives?  Our manner of continual worship reveals what we think of God (as we pour out) and of our relationship with Him.

By observing David’s act of worship did the soldiers in his army all receive a clearer understanding of the sovereignty of God and that He is the only One, Who is worthy of worship and Praise?

If the Lord has called, equipped, enabled you to do something or if He has gifted you with a particular ministry and you receive compliments, admiration or praise, immediately pour it out to the Lord – like the water of Bethlehem.  The flesh will urge you to take it for self-satisfaction, but if you take it for yourself it will corrupt you.  Common sense partners with the flesh to deceive you with the lie that you deserve it.

DANGER!  Self-congratulation and smug satisfaction are evidence of a thief robbing God of His glory.  That stench is the approach of pride.  God will not share His glory with another (1 Corinthians 1:29) so what would be the consequences for one who steals it?  We cannot sanctify to God that with which we choose to satisfy ourselves.

Oswald Chambers – “If you satisfy yourself with a blessing from God, it will corrupt you.  You must sacrifice it, pour it out, do what common sense says is an absurd waste.  If you do not pour it out to the Lord, He will not pour out living waters through you and no one will have their horizons enlarged because of you”.

Blessings are increased by pouring out to the Lord and love is transfigured by sharing – for HIS glory.

If David had drunk that water we would never have heard about that event.  Probably David’s history and maybe Israel’s history would have been different, but certainly we would have missed some rich, profitable insight.  Because he poured out to the Lord, because he realized his own unworthiness, his act of worship became an act of worship eternally recorded in the Holy Scriptures. 

What other people observe in us is so important.  May our words express God’s thoughts and our actions express His will.  Who is He?  He is the magnificent, transcendent God Who created time and space, the heavens with all the starry host, the earth and everything on it, the seas and everything in them – and - - - He hung on a Cross!

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