Perhaps you've never had this experience. Some time ago as I looked over parts of my prayer list for that particular morning, I heaved a sigh of sheer boredom. Repeatedly I pray the same old requests for some of these individuals about whom I know little and from whom I seldom receive an update.

Yet I am committed to pray for them. Must I accept that it's just going to be tedious? Well, the best One to ask is the Lord; so I did. In the silence, this is what He impressed on me.

"Instead of coming to Me with oft-repeated, good, sincere, guesswork prayers, why not use the time to get in touch with My heart for that individual?

Then, though your words may be fewer, your prayers will be much more effective."

That gave me much fuel for grateful meditation with an added surprising benefit. As I prayed, I discovered a new level of softness and caring in my heart for the objects of my prayers.

My only access to the Throne Room is the Blood-sprinkled way. As I travel that road, my heart reaches out to embrace what is beyond my comprehension. A sinner, a Blood-bought sinner, I can be overshadowed by the shining radiance of Absolute Holiness and feel the heartbeat of

Almighty God. No cost is too great to pursue such a goal, to follow such a path ... that He Who is never other than Abba Father, never less than Sovereign Master of the universe, offers me such personal intimacy, in which He will share His heart with me.

Suddenly all thoughts of tediousness and boredom have vanished like the morning mist. The only thing that matters is (Philippians 3:10) that I might know Him in the power of His resurrection, in the fellowship of His suffering and be made conformable to His death. Prayer is not really about my list of requests at all; it's a heart-relationship with Majesty upon His throne which brings access to transforming power. Prayer is a gift beyond price.

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