Covid 19

The next major event on the Christian calendar is the Rapture of the Church. In recent years we have clearly seen that our world is racing toward judgment which follows the Rapture. Daniel (Daniel 12:1) describes it as a time of trouble and distress such as never was since the world began. We have seen an increase of earthquakes – floods – fire – famine, etc. in certain countries but we have not heard of any nation which expressed their need of God. Now in just a couple of months the corona virus has changed the world – bringing sickness, death, major restrictions and financial loss. There is much talk by government leaders about various strategies but the situation worsens daily.What should we Christians do? Immerse ourselves in the Word of God and be steadfast in assurance that (Psalms 103:19) God has set His throne in the heavens and His Sovereign kingdom rules over all. Our world must be brought to realize that (Daniel 4:25) the Most High rules in the kingdom of men.
Relax Christian – God is always in charge and we have His guarantee for (Philippians 4:19) all your needs – (John 14:1) don’t let your heart be troubled – (Isaiah 41:10) don’t be afraid because I’m with you – (Psalms 91:10) no evil and no plague will come near you. Adversity is the bridge that leads to deeper relationship with God – (Dr. C. Stanley If you are living in sin you cannot claim these promises.
For much of the world there is no fear of God (Romans 3:18) before their eyes. Now there is fear everywhere but it doesn’t look like God is in the picture. The Lord said (Amos 8:11) He would send a famine – not of food but of hearing the Word of God. We are getting hear to the time when there will be no more opportunity to call on God. Many people and churches have turned away from God’s truth and substituted people-pleasing lies.
The leaders are at their wits end and in confusion (Psalms 109:28) and cannot solve it and (Romans 8:22-23) all creation groans.
God said (Isaiah 45:6-7) I make physical calamity! Why? It’s a warning wake-up call to the nations and the ringing of the alarm clock for sleeping Christians and half-divided churches to wake up to the signs of the times. Our responsibility now is to pray for the protection of Christians – especially Pastors and Doctors who must go into danger. Pray for God’s mercy on the unsaved that many will come to Christ during the unprecedented time of suffering. Pray that we will have many opportunities to tell of the saving and transforming power of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.
I am not making a definite statement but it is possible that COVID 19 is God’s last evangelist to our present world. Will they finally be driven by hopelessness and helplessness to the Lord?
2 Thessalonians 3:16 – The Lord Himself give you peace – His kingdom peace – at all times – in all ways – in all circumstances and conditions – whatever comes. The Lord be with you.

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