Do we know and understand the "why" of our saviour?

Never has our world been so desperately in need of LIGHT.

Very – very – very familiar words – but they made a fresh deep impact on me.  You know this command.  You shall (Matthew 1:21)   call His Name Jesus.  Why could they not pick a family name or have their own choice of names?  Because, He shall save His people from their sins.

The Jews were looking – waiting – longing for a Messiah, Who would save them from Rome – BUT – (and this is extremely important) Jesus didn’t come to save them from Rome,  He came to save them from their sins.  So, they (John 1:11) rejected Him.  They just wanted to be free of Rome but had no desire (John 1:10) for Light.  They loved darkness (John 3:19) because their deeds were evil and had no wish to be changed.  They had no eyes (Isaiah 53:2) for the holy beauty of Jesus.  Jesus lived – died – arose – ascended and Rome was still over Israel.  Jesus did not come (Mark 12:17) to save us from paying taxes but to save us from the sin of dishonesty with God and with government.  Jesus did not come (Luke 12:13) to save a man from being cheated by his brother but to save that man from the sin of greed.

O.K. – What about me?  I know that when I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour – His precious shed Blood cleansed me – His death paid in full so that my sins were forgiven – His resurrection granted me eternal life instantly – and future citizenship in Heaven.  Wonderful as that is, I’m not yet in Heaven and I’m far from perfect and have to deal with sin every day – such as selfishness, pride, desire for comfort and convenience, lack of compassion and the list goes on.

Many years ago, Major Ian Thomas wrote a book entitled “The Saving Life of Christ”.  It was based on Romans 5:10 – having been reconciled by His death – much more we will be saved by His Life.  Jesus didn’t die to get us out of earth and into Heaven, but to get God out of Heaven and into us.

God did not send His Son to save me from the problems, difficulties and results of living in a fallen world.  God sent Jesus to save me from sin so that the Life of the Son of God in me could be manifested through me right now and right here in this fallen world.  Right NOW – with God it is always NOW because NOW is all I’ve got.  If I choose to disobey the Lord NOW – there may never be another NOW for me again.  I need to come to Him daily to be saved from sin daily so that nothing in me hinders the Life of the Son of God in me – which Life ONLY Jesus can live through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The application of the Scriptures is essential to my ongoing sanctification.  There is no reward for reading – understanding – memorizing the Bible.  Any rewards and benefits will come only as I apply it to my life.

Dr Howard Hendricks said – you can read the Bible thoroughly, absorb it carefully, understand it fully but if you do not apply it- you committed an abortion.  How do I apply God’s Word?  Take it very personally.  James 4:17 says if you know to do good and don’t do it, it is sin.  If I read something in the Bible and see that my life is not fully in tune with it but do not make the necessary changes - - it is sin.  James holds up a mirror for me.  If I say I believe as I should, why do I behave as I should not?

I heard a great sentence on Christian radio – “I am never sorry for what I did not say.”  This is a good watch for my lips (Psalms 34:13, Psalms 120:2, Psalms 141:3) and guard for my tongue.

There are many Scriptures regarding application but there is one very serious one which some churches and some Christians have forgotten or overlooked.  I’m thinking about the Lord’s Supper, the Communion Service.

Do we bounce in – chew a small piece of bread – drink a little juice – then waltz off to do our own thing?  NO!!!! Look at the verses (1 Corinthians 11:23-32) and consider the instructions and warnings.  The application is explicit.

Remember that this is My Body which was broken for you and My Blood which was shed for you.

Realize this is a proclamation of His death until He returns.

Tremble because to eat the bread and drink the cup of the Lord unworthily is to be guilty of profaning and sinning against the Body and Blood of the Lord.

Therefore do not partake until you examine yourself – critically inspect – anything hidden? any hypocrisy? carelessness or cover-up?  Thoroughly examine yourself and get right with the Lord.  Then together partake with deep gratitude.

Or else you eat and drink a verdict of judgment upon yourself including the real possibility of sickness and even death.

In my opinion this is probably the sternest warning for believers in all the Bible.  God will never permit us to belittle – to be casual – to take for granted the redeeming death of His Beloved Son.

If we take for granted the redeeming death of His Beloved Son, God’s judgment is guaranteed and unless we truly repent, we will not experience the victory and joy of the saving Life of Christ.

We need every bit of the entire Bible.  The O.T. was not written TO us but was definitely written FOR us as (1 Corinthians 10:11) Paul explained.  Our government and most of our country’s population have violated every law of God.  Deuteronomy 28 lists some of the consequences of dishonouring and disobeying the Supreme Sovereign God.  So, where does that leave us?  It leaves us to shine (Philippians 2:15) as lights in this dark world.  We must never compromise our convictions of TRUTH.  Never was our world so desperately in need of LIGHT.

What a grace-filled privilege we have to be saved from sin daily in the midst of whatever by the saving Life of Christ.

Never forget what happened (Mark 6:53-56) when the (Mark 5:1-5) demon-possessed, mad terrorist among the tombs became a (Mark 5:20) missionary in all the area of Decapolis. Do you think there is a limit to what God can do in and through you and me by the saving Life of Christ?  Are we not seeking such oneness with the Father and intimacy with Jesus that all our prayers will be answered because we are simply praying God’s will into action?

A Christian college professor (I didn’t catch his name) said –

         We become like (Psalms 115:8, Psalms 135:18) what we adore.

For you and me let it be JESUS.


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