Do you recognize the signs? Are you a sign?

The Life of Jesus is manifested in and through us.

There are always signs in the night sky.  There is a message in the mystery of moonlight.  There is a display of knowledge in the loveliness of sparkling crystal starlight.  The sky is an ever-changing billboard which always displays and declares the wisdom, power and faithfulness of God.  If we study their language, we will understand that they are communicating from the heart of the Creator.  Night after night (Psalms 19:1-3) we are shown knowledge as trillions of stars reveal the Sovereignty, faithfulness, power, beauty and protection of God.  The North Star definitely but recognizing the Bear, Orion, Pleiades, the Big and Little Dipper, the Hunter, etc., can be a compass for travelers.  When the Evening Star gives way to the Morning Star, the remembered beauty and wisdom of the night sky finds an echo (Lamentations 3:21-23) in the golden promises for the day, that God’s loving kindness, tender mercy and compassion will not fail.

Do we see and hear and heed those messages from the sky or do we never lift our eyes on high?  Recently a BLACK HOLE was discovered in the northern regions of space and it reminded me of what Jesus said.  In the last days (Luke 21:25) there would be signs in the sky and (Matthew 24:5-12) false teachers, plagues, wars, and an increase of lawlessness and persecutions.  These are the beginning of sorrows and are signs which point to the nearness of His Return.

God stretches out (Job 26:7) the northern skies over emptiness.  We will find out if that is the location of heaven when we get there.  Jesus also warned (2 Timothy 3:1) that perilous times of great distress would come upon the world and we can see even now the shadows which these things cast before them while we wait for Jesus to Rapture believers and we long to see Him in His beauty and glory.  What quality of signs are WE now in this present world?  If we are truly born-again into God’s family through the shed Blood and atoning death of Jesus on the Cross, we are (2 Peter 1:4) partakers of the Divine Nature.  What does that mean in my everyday life?  What are the signs and evidence which could be expected because the Divine Nature indwells me? 

(Oswald Chambers) “If the majesty and power and grace of God are not being manifested in our bodies (not to our consciousness) God holds us responsible.  He will take the last grain of sand and the remotest star to bless us if we will obey Him.  Learn to lavish God’s grace on others.  Be stamped with God’s Nature and His blessing will come through you all the time.”

Because we are partakers of the Divine Nature we have (1 Corinthians 2:16), Philippians 2:5) the mind of Christ and therefore the kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33) is our top priority.  Some things in our lives are necessary but always secondary.  I won’t seek first the kingdom unless I am so one with the King that I enjoy unbroken union and communion with Him.  Jesus said (John 14:23) that He and the Father would make Their home in my heart.  So, I choose God’s heart to be my home.

(Oswald Chambers) “Jesus taught that our relationship to the Lord must dominate our entire life.”

In Christ we are (Ephesians 3:19, Colossians 2:9) filled to all the fullness of the Godhead.  So, the Life of Jesus should always be evident in and through us at all times.  I can deliberately choose to let the Divine Nature rule over my human nature in everything.  Grumbling will crowd out gratitude or gratitude will crowd out grumbling.  They cannot co-exist.  Impatience (Exodus 32:1-4) leads to idolatry. -  turning away from God if we don’t get what we want when we want it.  Self-pity is the worst of sins because it obliterates God and puts self-interest on the throne.  Self-pity arrogantly declares that Almighty God is wrong in what He has allowed.  Therefore, I am right in feeling sorry for myself.  I think it is obvious that self-pity is very wicked and very dangerous.

When I come by faith to prostrate myself before the Throne of Grace in the Holy of Holies, why is it called (Hebrews 4:16) the Throne of Grace?  Because Grace is God’s totally undeserved favour.  So, I come to the place of prayer knowing full well that I deserve nothing.  But I know also equally as well, that every request I make in accordance with God’s will, is granted to me immediately.  The answer is mine now and will become reality in the perfection of God’s exact timing when His purpose has been fulfilled in and for that situation.

When I co-operate with God so that Jesus lives His Life in me through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit, then I have no room or reason for lack of faith, self-pity, grumbling and all bad habits.  When you experience difficult times, remember that all things (Romans 8:28) do not work for good but God works in all things for our good.  There is no limit to what God will do if there is no limit to my willingness to obey Him.  The sign and evidence that we are partakers of the Divine Nature is that the visible Life of Jesus is manifested in and through us.

This has always intrigued me.  God said (Genesis 1:3) let there be light and there was light – even though He hadn’t made the sun (Genesis 1:16-18) until the fourth day.  What was that original light and what was its source?  It is the illumination of the majesty and glory of God (2 Corinthians 4:6) as revealed in Jesus Christ.  Wherever Jesus is present we have the shining Shekinah glory and beauty of God’s Presence.  That is why there will be no more night (Revelation 22:5) and no need for lamps or sunlight because the Lord God will be the light and we will live in the light for all eternity.  God Himself (1 John 1:5) is LIGHT, So, let’s determine (1 John 1:7) to walk in, live in and reflect the true Light for the rest of our allotted lifespan on earth. Jesus prayed (John 17:21) that you and I would be one with the Father as He is.  If our prayer partners with the prayer of Jesus, nothing can hinder the true Light from its outshining through us.

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