Do you truly know where you really are?

Nothing can happen to me in the Father’s house which the Father does not allow to enter.

As I’ve often said, I’m so thankful to the Lord for the godly saints of the past who continue to teach us.  I have read and reread Oswald Chambers’ daily devotional book for years and always find it profitable.  It is interesting so see the notes I’ve scribbled on the edge of the pages over the years.  Recently I listened again to his thoughts on (Luke 2:49) where Jesus said He must be in the Father’s house.  When Jesus was on earth, He was always in the Father’s house.  Wherever He was His life was the Father’s house because (Colossians 2:9-10) the fullness of the Godhead dwelt in Him.  But that was back then and He is no longer on earth.  What does that mean to me now and to all true Christians?  When we sincerely seek spiritual knowledge the Holy Spirit makes “hard-to-understand” Scriptures crystal clear.

Where are you to-day - - praying, washing dishes, cutting grass, at your workplace, grocery shopping, cooking, eating and etc.  You are always, every day, in every place, in the Father’s house.

Please take this personally.  When I write “I or me” that refers to me. When you read “I or me” that refers to you.

Think back - - what was Jesus doing in the Father’s house?  He was there on the Father’s business and He worked accordingly allowing nothing to distract Him.  The same life He lived THEN in the Father’s house is the life He continues to live NOW in me in the Father’s house.  Because I am (2 Corinthians 6:16) God’s temple – I need to see my life as the Father’s house.  Therefore in my everyday life my abiding Reality is God.  When things happen which disturb, upset, frighten me – I need to learn to identify myself with Jesus, live in the moment, learn His ways and accept everything that comes from the Father’s hand - - no matter what messenger he uses.  Never forget that pearls begin with pain.  The grace of God was revealed in the way Jesus lived and worked among people.  That must be the way He now lives and works in me among people of to-day.

Terrifying thought – no one in heaven, earth or hell can hinder or prevent Jesus from living His life of holiness and beauty in me, except me!

Wonder – privilege – position of my inheritance - - I am always safe in the Father’s house with Jesus, always in sweet communion with Him.  In my Father’s house my loving heavenly Father is right there, always right there.

The same God Who is terrifying in wrath, magnificent in creation, transcendent in power.  Sovereign in authority, unapproachable in holiness, mystery in beauty, unknowable in otherness, thrilling in sacred wonders - - - is so precious, so near, that we have close personal relationship with Him and call him “Father”!  Priceless privilege beyond comprehension.

Nothing can happen to me in the Father’s house which the Father does not allow to enter His house.  Anything He allows to enter is for (Philippians 1:6) His good purpose which is always for our spiritual benefit.  If we truly grasp and embrace this truth and live in the reality of it, we will experience how simple our life can be as we take everything from our loving Father’s hand.  We are delivered from the tense, nervous, worried scramble of this world.  Nothing by chance.  As I was thinking about this, simple words formed a little song in my mind.

I’m in my Father’s house, I’m in my Father’s house,

         I’m in my Father’s house with Jesus.

         No matter where I be, whatever happens to me,

         I’m safe in my Father’s house with Jesus.


Don’t waste yourself, don’t give yourself away to the deceptive froth of this depraved world - - -


Be (James 1:4) entirely HIS

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