Does Jesus have currency?

Don’t just listen to the Words of Jesus – BELIEVE THEM

Of course we know that God created, maintains and owns everything but I am talking about something entirely different.  What kind of currency does Jesus have and how and where did He get it?  At tremendous cost Jesus made an investment which continues to pay dividends.  When Jesus receives dividends, He does not hoard them away but continually re-invests them all over the world and His dividends multiply and keep coming.  Where and when did all this begin?

On the most significant night in human history (Mark 14:32) Jesus went to a garden called Gethsemane to purchase an investment at tremendous cost.  What was the horrific price?  His awful agony and soul-riveting anguish.  He suffered it all and paid the full price for His investment at that time for increasing dividends which would be eternal.  On the most significant MORNING in human history an angel announced (Luke 24:6) the first dividend - - HE IS RISEN!!

There were more dividends.  50 days later.  When 120 believers gathered to wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the Church.  Many visitors with (Acts 2:8-11) several different languages heard the Gospel in their native tongue.  Thus - - about 3000 dividends and foreign missions began.  What is the currency of Jesus and what are His dividends?  You and I and all believers.  Since we have been redeemed by (1 Peter 1:19) the precious Blood of Jesus, the Lord has the right to send – spend – invest us wherever He chooses.

The Lord tells us (Matthew 28:18-20) to go to all nations.  WHY? Because (1 John 5:19) the whole world lies in wickedness and from that wicked world God wants (Acts 15:14) to call out a people for His Name.

Ezekiel said (Ezekiel 1:3) the Hand of the Lord was upon me.

Paul said (1 Corinthians 9:16) woe is me if I preach not.

However - - - in financial matters the owner has complete control of how his currency is spent – with no back-talk from the money.  But the currency of Jesus is different.  It can (we can) refuse to obey Him.

Our loving partnership is a TRUST FUND.  We TRUST the Lord and God SPENDS us for His glory and for our lasting good and eternal dividends.

Except (John 12:24) a corn of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone – always alone – forever lonely.  But if it dies it will bring forth a harvest that will change the whole landscape.

The Lord has invested us (Thessalonians 1:10) with all the rights and privileges of the new Life in Christ Jesus.  Only in Jesus, but fully in Jesus we have everything we need to face whatever – whenever – wherever.  Will we follow Isaiah’s example?  When the Lord asked (Isaiah 6:8) who would go - - Isaiah responded - - send/spend me.  Or would we rather follow Jonah to Joppa (Jonah 1:3) preferring to do our own thing in our own way rather than obey God?


If we truly desire to obey God, how do we have the right – authority – power to garner dividends?  Through witness, prayer, service, giving etc.?  Now this is gloriously wonderful.  You remember (Mark 12:16) when Jesus asked whose image was on a particular Roman coin.  Without that image the coin had no purchasing power and was worthless.  We too bear an image.  We bear the image of our King and we are stamped with the insignia of our King.  We actually (Luke 15:22) wear the signet ring of our King.  By the conferred glory upon us by our King we can go anywhere He sends us by His right – authorizing power.  Are you getting excited?

What makes this real and pro-active in our lives?  The power of the indwelling Holy Spirit Who (Ephesians 1:13, Ephesians 4:30) who has sealed us for our King.  We bear the Royal Seal of the Kingdom.

As the King`s ambassadors with the royal signet ring on our hand - - our hand, can open any gate (Isaiah 26:2) so that the truth may enter and so that (Psalms 24:7) the King of Glory will come in.  How do I know that?  How can I be rock-bottom sure of that?


Listen to the Words of Jesus:

The Conditions – If you love Me (John 14:21) you will obey Me.


The Guarantee – If you ask anything (John 14:13) I will do it

                    If you ask the Father for anything in My Name

                    (John 15:16) He will give it to you.

Doesn’t this explode our approach in prayer for those extremely difficult and seemingly impossible persons and situations we pray for?

Don’t just listen to the Words of Jesus – BELIEVE THEM.

In the shining splendour and light of all this - - God forbid that we should (Matthew 25:25) bury His gifts.  God forbid that I should obscure the DIVINE IMAGE – blur the ROYAL INSIGNIA – misuse the RING which is implanted with the KING`S SEAL.

If we learn and trust this truth we will be enabled (Philippians 4:11) to be content in whatever state we find ourselves.  If we are obeying God – we are where we are because He has put us there as an investment.  The Lord`s desire is that right where we are God`s investment in our lives and through our lives will result in a harvest of dividends.  We may not even know about God`s increase in dividends.  For us there is only one standard of success and it is not results – it is obedience.

Not just where we are but we can co-operate with God for dividends all over the world.  We can obey the GO (Matthew 28:18) and never leave home.  How?  By prayer and giving as God directs.  We know very little about some things we are burdened to pray for.  I found Hebrews 13:3) a helpful guide - - pray for persecuted believers who are desperate – imprisoned – tortured as if you were in prison yourself.  Definitely for the Persecuted Church but I use that guide also for others.  I put myself in the shoes of someone I pray for and realize what I would need from God in that case and so I pray accordingly for that individual.  Just maybe you might find this approach to the Throne helpful.

Let’s find all the joy we can as the currency of Jesus in using Our Imperial Signet Ring. How horribly, horribly sad it would be to meet my King and bring Him no dividends.  After His tremendous cost for me – His priceless investment in me –

That I may (Philippians 3:10) KNOW HIM and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being made conformable unto His death.

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