Foundation stones and building blocks

He takes thought and plans for me.

There is no doubt that my impaired sight, pain and weakness are getting worse but these are all temporary.  My eternal riches are increasing and my path (Psalms 119:105) shines brighter all the way Home.

Of course, I don’t know, but because of my sight, I can’t see what I write, so this might be my last circulated meditation.  God knows and there is no question that (Philippians 2:13) He will enable me to do His will.  Just in case this is the last one, I want to leave a few familiar reminders of Scriptural principles from God’s Living Word.  Search the Scriptures in loving companionship with the Holy Spirit and He will give you the priceless jewels and pure gold nuggets from the deep recesses of the bottomless treasure chest and the bottomless man-shafted gold mine which are the Living Word of our eternal God.  More than 3,800 times the Bible says “Thus says the Lord” so we know we have His very Words.  Bible meditation is spiritual medication to (3 John 2) nourish and maintain a healthy soul.

We all stumble (James 3:2) and fall but we must (Philippians 3:12) press on.  When we sin, make it the (1 Kings 15:5) exception but not the habitual pattern of our lives.

The God of the monstrous impossibility (Genesis 18:14) is the God of the tiniest detail in our lives.  Recognize His unchanging Sovereignty and draw on (2 Corinthians 12:9) the sufficiency of His Grace.  You can have poise even in the midst of panic.

The giving hand of God (James 1:17) is the servant of His loving heart.  Generosity and wisdom combined in us, give a wonderful reflection of the Lord our God.

If King Jesus is enthroned on the throne of our hearts, the kingdom of God is (Luke 17:21) within us, in our hearts and surrounding us.  From our vantage point we should be making a difference in our world for the advancement of God’s kingdom.  Our conquest is not by our own wits, we have (1 Corinthians 2:16) the mind of Christ to guide and direct us for God’s sacred purposes.

Listen to God and He will feed you (Psalms 81:16) with the finest of wheat and honey from the Rock and you will be richly nourished by His living Word.  God’s Word is God-breathed, alive with His very breath.

Thousands of years ago God made a promise (Genesis 22:16-18) to Abraham which was fulfilled centuries later in (Luke 1:31-35) a virgin’s womb and in (Matthew 28:6, John 8:56) an empty tomb.  Away back then, Abraham (Romans 4:3) believed God.  Never doubt in the dark what God told you in the light.  Abraham believed and saw the precise timing of history long before it happened and became history.

Anything that comes into our lives must pass through God before it can reach us, so that we know that everything the Lord sends or allows carries with it God’s beneficial purpose for us.  Life is not easy but it can be victorious.  It doesn’t matter about how or why did this happen because our faith, trust and confidence are in the Almighty WHO.  (Warren Wiersbe) “When God sends us a fiery trial, He keeps His eye on the clock and His hand on the thermostat”.

Let the time machine of your imagination propel you back in time so that you can listen again and learn from the Words of Jesus.  When he spoke to (Matthew 9:27-30) two blind men, (Matthew 8:2-3) a leper, (Luke 8:54-55) a young girl who had been dead.  Also, to His disciple when (John 6:10-11) He fed the multitude, (Matthew 14:25) He walked on the sea, (John chapters 13-16) the Last Supper, and His Words (John chapter17) in prayer to the Father (John 19:26-27) when he arranged care for His mother from the Cross, (John 21:12) breakfast on the shore.  Observe again the mighty works of God through Jesus and the apostles and in the O.T. through His obedient servants and prophets.

It is wonderful to know that we will never say “good-bye” in heaven.  Something else we will never say is “I’m sorry”, because we will be fully, completely restored to the Divine Image, the holy perfection that was in Adam before the fall.

Like Jesus, because our bodies are (1 Corinthians 3:16) the temples of God, we are always (Luke 2:49) in our Father’s house.  So as long as we are on earth, we should be occupied about our Father’s business.

My heavenly Father knows my needs (Matthew 6:32-33) before they exist and Psalms 40:17) He takes thought and plans for me.

God answers every prayer and grants every request (1 John 5:15) that He hears but (Psalms 66:18) if I regard iniquity in my heart, deliberate or unconfessed sin, the Lord will not hear me.  Prayer is the incredible gift of oneness with God, oneness with His heart, with His desires, His interests and His purpose.

Sin will keep you (Proverbs 18:1) from God’s Word and God’s Word (Psalms 119:11) will keep you from sin.  The written Word (John 1:1) is the promise, the backdrop, the frame and the setting for Jesus, Who is the Living Word.  Because of the eternal existence of both (Psalms 119:89, Matthew 24:35) each is and makes comprehensible confirmed sense of the other.

The Lord never spoke of retirement but (Psalms 92:14) He wants us to be so deeply rooted in God’s Word and to continue in intimate fellowship with Him, that we will bear fruit in old age.

Don’t just look for the future light at the end of the tunnel but (Matthew 5:16) be the present light in the tunnel, the tunnel of darkness in our world.  (Oswald Chambers) “Has our Lord’s vicarious life become your life?  At that day you will be so identified with Jesus that there will be no distinction”.  What overwhelming holy privileges God has made possible for us in and only in Christ Jesus.  Let Jesus fulfill in us (1 Thessalonians 4:3) the purpose for which He suffered, God’s purpose for the continual growth in the Son of God, Who is spiritually born in us, just as He was physically born (Luke 1:31, Luke 1:35) in the virgin Mary and both births we, by the power of the Holy Spirit.  May we increase in spiritual comprehension, holy fear, reverential awe and wonder-filled gratitude.  Often before I say a deeply felt thank you to the Lord, I hear myself say WOW!, which is my realization and acknowledgement that He is supremely and the only One who is Worthy Of Worship.

The Lord always works the night shift. Our loving compassionate God never sleeps (Psalms 121:4) so we can.

The Lord does not give us strength (in advance) to go but as we go (Luke 17:14) He gives us strength for our going.  The will to obey God always comes before the enabling to obey Him.

When we consider WHO God is, His transcendent holiness, power, majesty, Sovereignty and beauty, we realize or should realize how supremely privileged we are to obey such a God.

When we think about the Lord and talk about Him and His wonderful works with other believers, God listens, (Malachi 3:16) is pleased and keeps a remembrance record.

As we continue to learn and grow and genuinely worship the Lord our God by truly, loving, trusting and obeying Him, God’s Word becomes increasingly (Psalms 119:103, Psalms 119:111) the rejoicing of my heart and God Himself (Psalms 43:4) my exceeding joy.

Jesus makes us (Romans 8:37) more than conquerors and always (2 Corinthians 2:14) leads us in triumph because of His glorious, victorious all-conquering Resurrection.

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