God! That's not fair!

Why are there times when we are more susceptible to temptation?

Have you ever said that, thought that or in your secret heart accused God of injustice?  Broken hearted Jeremiah certainly did but not secretly.  He said it directly to God (Jeremiah 20:7) Thou hath deceived me and I am deceived.  As we read on here and in all Scriptures we learn to trust God’s timing and the ultimate good of His purpose.  Our Teacher the wonderful Holy Spirit, will continually take us deeper into the eternal Truth if we are willing to take the time to meditate on that Truth while in conversation with Him.  Superficial reading will cause us to see unfairness, from our perspective, in Joseph being sold as a slave, David being hunted with a desire to murder him – first by Saul and then by his own son Absalom, Paul’s thorn in the flesh which God refused to remove.

Before we dig a little deeper, I want to mention a verse which I think many Christians misinterpret.  I’ve heard people say – the Bible says (Romans 8:28) All things work together for good.  Is that what it says?  Bad place to stop.  Some, who consider themselves more spiritual, add – to them that love God.  Why do they leave off the next sentence and the next verse which hold the key to the true meaning and ultimate goal of God?

Many things in my life and I’m sure in yours also, have not looked good, seemed good or felt good.  Is God lying to us?  Certainly not!  We stopped too soon.  Go to – all things work together for the good of God’s purpose.  What is His purpose in all their things?  His purpose and goal - - read it - - is to make us like Jesus!!!  From that viewpoint we can clearly see the good of the “all things together”.  Never forget that God is far more interested in our long-term holiness than in our short-term happiness.

Let’s go to a case where, if we read quickly with no digging, we can jump to the conclusion of a glaring injustice on God’s part.  King Jeroboam had plunged deeply into sin and took all Israel with him.  God sent a prophet from Judah to Bethel (1 Kings 13) to prophesy against the altar of incense to false gods and to warn Jeroboam of coming judgment.  The Lord had commanded the prophet not to eat or drink in Bethel and to return home by a different way than he came.  Jeroboam raised his hand to harm the prophet and his hand was paralyzed.  Then he asked the prophet to entreat the Lord for him and when the prophet prayed Jeroboam’s hand was restored.  He was so glad about his hand, he invited the prophet to his house for a meal and a reward.  But the prophet refused and obeyed God in every detail.  But an old prophet in Bethel lied to him by telling him that an angel had appeared to him and told him that the prophet from Judah was to come home with him to eat and drink.  So he did and then the old prophet told him he would die for his disobedience.  You know the story, you know about the lion.

What was the first step in his disobedience?  Taking man’s word over God’s Word.  If we ever take man’s word over God’s there is always a lion waiting.

But why – after standing firm all day – did he suddenly give way to temptation.  There is something very important here for us and it confirms something Dr. Charles Stanley said several months ago. Why are there times when we are more susceptible to temptation?

HALT - - take the letters of that word - - when we are Hungry or Angry or Lonely or Tired.  The prophet from Judah was both hungry and tired and on that weak point he caved because he didn’t pause/HALT so remember that God never gives a clear command and then changes His mind.

Now let`s consider the apparent unfairness of God.  The hungry, weary prophet disobeyed and was killed by a lion.  The old prophet deliberately deceived him, even brought God into his lie – and got off scot-free.  HOLD IT !!!  How do you know or dare to think you know that?  Did you hear God say He was obligated to explain to you about the old prophet`s future?  We know the holy character of God and that He will never overlook sin.  Stay in context.  This story is not about the old prophet - - it is the story of King Jeroboam and God’s judgment.  We need to stick with the principles God is teaching us in Scripture.

Whenever you are tempted to think that God is dealing unfairly with you, remember that your own sense of fairness was given to you by your Creator and never forget (Romans 8:28-29) the “all things”.

Oh, (Ephesians 3:10) the manifold wisdom of God.

I can make you two promises and both come with a guarantee.

1.     If you keep your thoughts, mind and focus on yourself and your circumstances, you will have a miserable life.

2.     If you keep your thoughts, mind and focus on the Lord Jesus, your very worst of times will be your very best of times.

Do you think it might benefit us to consider the many times we have truly, deeply painfully treated God unfairly?


The open secret for all of our life - - (John 15:1-11) if we continually abide in Jesus - - the very LIFE of Jesus will be reproduced in us.


I`m thinking about (1 Thessalonians 5:17) Pray without ceasing.  As I see it, that means to be in the throne room, the holy of holies, with God continually.  How would that work out in my practical life?  For me and my desire it means to be (John 17:11, John 17:22) so one with the Father that at any hour of the day or night the Holy Spirit can communicate to me – actually share with me – a burden that requires prayer – a need to be met – or an action to be taken.  It is all about deepening fellowship and loving intimacy.


Do I even begin to grasp the wonder and privilege of such amazing friendship with the Almighty Transcendent Creator of the universe – WHO – at the same time – is my personal loving, heavenly Father?


Do I even begin to grasp the width, the depth, the endless scope of what our glorious Saviour accomplished by His stupendous faith and astounding atonement?


Truly He is the Alpha and the Omega!

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