Grumbler - Stoic - or Enlightened?

My chief desire is to go deeper in knowing Him intimately.

I find that there are many inevtables in my life and it is impossible for me to avoid them.  I can resent them as a grumbler, always in a flap or I can endure them as a stoic, always stiff and uncomfortable.  Fortunately, I have found a better way to perceive and accept the inevitables of my daily life. The Lord does not protect Christians from the results of living in a fallen world.  However, I can see the Lord’s wise strategy as He weaves the unpleasant inevitables into the “all things” (Romans 8:28-29) for His purpose to make me increasingly like Jesus.  My God is Omniscient so He always knows what is best for me.  My God is Omnipresent so He always chooses what is best for me.  My God is Omnipotent so He always does what is best for me.  My God is Sovereign so nothing is ever out of His control.

My correct viewpoint will train my attitude and my right attitude will cause me to accept everything, including the inevitables, from my loving Father’s hand and be truly thankful.  (Dr. Stanley) reminded us that “Your life matters to God”.  In everything give thanks because (1 Thessalonians 5:18) your everything is God’s will for your life in “all things.”  Many years ago, a godly man said, “Learn to kiss the wave that throws you against the Rock of Ages”.  God’s purpose for my lifespan on earth is to equip me, mold me, shape me, transform and transfigure me for my endless joy-filled life in heaven.  Everything God created was the pinnacle of perfection.  Satan cannot create; he can only pervert.  Every perfect thing which Satan perverts - - God can and will redeem.  Never doubt in the dark what God told you in the light.  Remember it is our faith (1 John 5:4) that makes us overcoming victors.  Every joy or trial is a perfect gift (James 1:17) from the Father above and is expertly designed for our spiritual enrichment.  It is all part of the pattern God is weaving.  I have so many blessings that I have no room for complaints.  The greatness of our God (Zechariah 9:17) and the greatness of His goodness and beauty and holiness and mystery are beyond comprehension or description.

We don’t live our lives on MAYBE but on AND WE KNOW although we may often be uncertain about the immediate, we are never uncertain about the ultimate.  How is it possible for me to know all these things?  I know that the transcendent God is terrifying (1 Timothy 6:16) in His Holiness, unknowable and unreachable – and yet – I cuddle up close to Him and call Him “Father”.  Something had to happen.  Something did happen.  An altar in the shape of a Cross happened.  On that Cross God’s one and only Son was sacrificed so that He could bring (Hebrews 2:10) many sons to glory.  How did He do that, how could He make us the children of God?  We see Jesus crowned with glory and honour because (Hebrews 2:9-12) having suffered the punishment due every person, He is the Pioneer of our salvation.  These whom He saved and sanctified all have one Father and Jesus calls us His brothers.  By His death He purchased for us the incredible privilege of becoming part of God’s royal family.  With this holy relationship comes responsibility to God and to the family.  We cannot drift along and ignore the purpose for our salvation or its tremendous cost.

While we can rejoice in deepening intimacy with our Triune God, to do so our lives must be kept unsullied by the enabling power of the Holy Spirit.  One thing my reading of Leviticus clearly shows is that not even the tiniest detail of obedience can be overlooked.  There is nothing so small that it doesn’t matter.  When it comes to obedience everything matters.  Our God is a God of detail, order and precision.  He will not tolerate in me anything slipshod.  Any carelessness in me tells lies about Jesus.  Jesus is holy and He is incarnate within me.  Everything about me should proclaim the truth about Jesus.  As for God (Psalms 18:30) His way is perfect and the Word of the Lord is a shield to all who trust in Him.

How amazing and precious to be in the secret place, the Holy of holies and have such oneness with God that He can share His heart with me.  For me the greatest treasure on earth is to have the very heart of God reflected in my life, prayers, attitudes and desires.  My chief desire is to go deeper in intimately knowing Him.

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