Horrible, terrible, shocking words - guilty Jesus

Jesus became what He Himself loathed.

We know that our Sovereign God demanded a pure, holy, sinless human to be the atoning Sacrifice for humans, all of us, every one of us, the descendants of Adam - without exception.  Only Jesus qualified but, – that presents a huge problem because such a One could not die.  Sin pays out its wages in death (Romans 6:23) but Jesus had never earned any of those wages - - UNTIL - - God transferred all our sin onto His beloved, sinless Son (2 Corinthians 5:21) actually made Him TO BE SIN for us.  How can God say (Hebrews 10:17) that he remembers our sin against us no more?  Because God pre-planned a Cross and there He remembered our sin against Jesus!  The heart is deceitful above all things (Jeremiah 17:9) and desperately wicked.  (Dr. Swindoll) “The filth of a sewer is not as great (Matthew 15:17-20) as the defilement of any and every human heart, which has not been cleansed by the Blood of Jesus”.  As a lamb led to the slaughter (Isaiah 53:7) He opened not His mouth.  He made no protest (Isaiah 50:6) but submitted silently to the full fury of God’s holy wrath and fearful judgment.  Why?  Because – having become sin – He knew that He deserved its horrendous consequences.  I don’t think we have even a whisper of an idea of what that realization meant to our Triune God.  Jesus became what He Himself loathed.  The Father’s heart was breaking.  The Holy Spirit was filled with unspeakable grief - too deep for words.  Having taken our sin, Jesus took our guilt and our deserving together with our just punishment.  What impacted me this morning, more deeply than ever before and with fresh insight, was this penetrating Truth, which penetrated my entire being in a way I’ve never experienced before.  Slow down, open your heart and enter deeply into this mystery.

If Jesus had not taken my sin on Himself, He could not have died.  And if He had not taken the total punishment and paid in full for my sin, He could not have conquered death forever, He could not have risen from the dead. (! ! ! )  If you will spend some time meditating on these scriptures with a seeking heart, I think the Holy Spirit will flood your mind with deeper, greater illumination and you will worship at a new level and experience closer intimacy with Jesus.  Be still (Psalms 46:10) and know that I AM the great I AM. The great I AM is your Saviour and Lord.  Behold with worship (1 John 3:1) the quality of love the Father has lavished on us hell-deserving sinners that He claims us as His own dear children.  Never – never – never forget the stupendous awful cost that was paid for us by our all-glorious Lord Jesus.

Some people wrongly think that Satan is the opposite of God which is definitely and completely false.  Do not demean and belittle God to even dare think that he could have an opposite. (Satan is the opposite of Michael the arch angel).  God alone is the one and only Sovereign and the one and only Creator.  He has no equal and therefore He has no opposite.  Nothing created could be anywhere near equal or opposite to the Creator.  We need to take our thoughts captive (2 Corinthians 10:5) so they never lower God in our minds and thinking but worship Him as being totally supreme, transcendent, higher than we could ever imagine.  The Lord created perfect humans and planned for them to be holy, joyful and have unbroken fellowship with Him in beauty and unending love.  Before God created us human beings, He knew that we would sin against Him and that the world would be full of sin and evil. 

Why would holy God allow evil?  Our God-given free will equips us for the test, for the decision each of us must make, whether we will choose to reject or receive salvation through (and only possible through) the atoning death of Jesus Christ.

You can program your computer to say – I love you – but – you cannot program me to say – I love you.  God did not choose to dictate our choices but respects the free will He gave us.  Because of His amazing love, our God desires ever-closer fellowship with those who gladly, freely love Him.  Who has a god like our GOD?  We should be increasingly ablaze with adoring love for our precious God, Who is beyond all our feeble attempts to describe him.

God’s plans can never be thwarted and He patiently works all things together to bring His plans into being at just the right time.  Never forget that He is (Psalms 145:17) perfect and holy in all His ways.  Because Jesus took our deadly sin, our guilt, our deserving and our just punishment, we have the assurance that our personal future holds the guaranteed fulfillment of God’s original plan and purpose for us.

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