How RAC came to be.

A quick condensation of how RAC came to be.

 I have been a member of RAC since June 1964, in the Alliance all my life.  Just a quick condensation of how RAC came to be.  When I was a young child we attended Lappin Ave. Alliance Tabernacle.  Within a few years we needed a bigger building, so we moved and became West End Alliance.  Satan was not happy about our growth and decided to attack.  Not from outside but from within using his strategy to divide and conquer.  There was already sin in the camp that was not dealt with and gossip was our Sunday diet.  We were a great help to Satan in splitting the church as various factions hurled accusations and blame against the pastor and others.  Not just a split but an end – that church no longer existed.  Do you hear a noise?  That’s Satan applauding.

A few years later the C&MA wanted to start a church in Rexdale so the money from the sale of West End was used for that.  In 1961 Ross Ingram was called from Cobourg and he told the Lord he would obey – leaving the church he loved – even if he failed.  So RAC began in a school and the blessings of God were obvious in many transformed lives.

Satan didn’t give up – he did it before and is determined to do it again – waiting and watching for an opportunity – and now he has found one.

I’m asking you – begging you to throw your divisive judgments and self-righteous opinions in the dirt – the dirt at the foot of the Cross and kneel there and repent.

Would you be willing to join Satan’s team – be a tool in his hand to destroy RAC?  You say NO but perhaps unwittingly – some of you already have.

The thoughts God brought to me in my conversations with the Holy Spirit are based on two familiar verses – 2 Corinthians 5:21 and Galatians 6:14.

Take a little trip with me.  It’s Thursday night – we’ll walk along to cross over the brook Cedron and we’ll come to the garden of Gethsemane.  Maybe we can find Jesus – we are in the garden now – looking – looking and OH!  The One Who created the stars is writhing in anguish on the ground.  We hear Jesus say – My sorrow is so great it’s almost killing me.  Because of the torturous stress the blood vessels in His forehead burst and red, red, royal, covenant Blood runs down His face mingled with tears.  Now he’s praying and asking the Father about a cup that is filling Him with horror and dread.  What is in that cup – the torture – mocking – scourging – being covered with saliva – being punched in the face so often He doesn’t look human – the cross – what about the hammer and nails?  Can you hear the pounding of the hammer?  My fingerprints are on that hammer – are yours on the nails?  But it’s none of these in that CUP.  What is in that CUP?  Open the eyes of your heart and mind and see - really see.

From the beginning of no beginning, the Persons of the Holy Trinity  lived in joy – harmony – fellowship and love beyond description.  Now Jesus was to be brutally ripped away from that loving embrace.  There was fear in the CUP that – as Man – He would not make it to the Cross.  What else?  Abel’s murder – Isaiah being sawed in half by King Manasseh’s order – every filthy sinful thought, word, deed and attitude of you and me.  There is much more in the CUP but let me mention just 3 of present day atrocities.


In Tanzania there is a satan worship cult which targets albino people from infants to adults.  Satan only wants the limbs, so if they get a baby, they tear off the arms and legs and throw the torso away.  An albino woman walking on the street was grabbed and her right arm severed.  Their limbs are offered to satan.  Would you want to be guilty of this?  Jesus was also in that country a van full of toys drove up to a school and little girls were enticed to come into the van and play with the toys.  Good fun but suddenly the van doors closed and it took off.  The only information that leaked out was that the little girls had their hands cut off.

Would you want to be guilty of that?  Jesus was.


Many men from North America spend their vacation in a certain country in order to rape children.  There is a place called Snake Alley where blood from venomous serpents is mixed with alcohol.  The men drink it and then go to torture children with their vile perversion.  A Dutch missionary works to save the children.  She was there one night and heard something in another room.  She went in and saw a man in the very act of raping an 18 month old baby girl.  Would you want to be guilty of that?  Jesus was.

ALL of the vile filth – cruelty and greed was in that CUP.  Jesus asked – Father is there any way to avoid this CUP.  Now remember – Jesus was His beloved Son in Whom He was well-pleased.  For us with whom He was not at all pleased there was a crash coming but the crash was on the heart of God.  The Father knew that His answer, once spoken, would break His own heart.  He told Jesus – I want You to drink that CUP to the dregs – drink it dry.  As Jesus emptied that CUP into Himself – HE BECAME ALL THAT WAS IN THAT CUP.

Can you grasp even a little of God’s agony as His holiness demanded that He turn His back on Him, abandon Him and curse Him?  Can you grasp even a little of the Holy Spirit’s anguish as He had to withdraw from Him – taking all spiritual life and light with Him. 

Jesus was alone in the dark blackness of loneliness never experienced by anyone else.  Now He was the target of Satan and hordes of demons.

This is the tragedy of Redemption.  IS IT NOTHING TO YOU ALL YOU WHO PASS BY? – Lamentations 1:12.

I have a 2-part question for you.  If you answer YES I have no hope for RAC.  If you answer NO God can transform this into a Heaven-sent revival and do greater works in and through RAC than ever before.

Part one – can you look at the empty CUP, the astounding faith of the GOD-MAN who achieved the stupendous atonement, the agony of the Father and the anguish of the Holy Spirit at Gethsemane and Calvary - - - and walk away with even a trace of anger – resentment – bitterness – unforgiveness?

Part two – have you outlived your love for Jesus?

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