I have to share what's in my bowl

Sometimes my mind feels like a bowl which is so full that it is going to overflow.  I don’t want to lose any of the nuggets so I’d like to share some of my manna with you.  God the Holy Spirit is such a wonderful, loving, patient Teacher and Guide as He unfolds the sacred wonders of the holy Scriptures and takes us deeper into unsuspected treasures even in familiar verses.

Of course, you may have different opinions and that is O.K. and wise that you are thinking deeply about spiritual Truth.  What could be a serious problem and a serious loss for any and all of us – is if we fail to spend time daily with the Lord as we meditate on His Word.

This is what slipped out of my bowl for you:

Prayer in the holy secret place:  Because God is Omnipresent we can talk to Him anytime and anywhere and He often speaks to us anytime and anywhere.  We are always in His Presence.  But I think when we come to our set prayer times, to seek the Lord with all our heart, to come through the Blood past the veil (Matthew 27:51) to the (Isaiah 57:15) holy place, the Holy of holies in eternity (Hebrews 10:19) – at these times I think we are in a secret place alone with God.  We don’t rush in brazenly, brandishing our requests.  As the Sovereign Ruler of the universe condescends to listen to us, shouldn’t we take time to worship Him?  God forbid that anything else would ever seem to be more important.  We are filled with awe, we do take time to worship and get as close as possible to the Triune God, with our focus and concentration totally on the One to Whom we are speaking.  To be so one with God (John 17:11) that His heart and His purpose are the substance of our prayers.  His heart (Jeremiah 31:3) reveals His love and His purpose (Psalms 33:9-11) reveals His sovereignty.  In that holy place we are welcomed and we are loved and we experience a richer measure of God’s Divine Presence.  Then, asking the Lord to show us His heart for these matters, we present our requests with confidence and gratitude.

When Moses was with the people at the bottom of Mt. Sinai (Exodus 34:3) he was certainly in God’s Presence.  But when he was alone with God at the top of the mountain in the intimate Presence of the Living God (Exodus 34:29) his face shone with the glory of the Shekinah Presence of holy God.  Nothing could distract Moses when he was alone on the mountain with God.  The Lord spoke to Moses (Exodus 33:11) face to face as a man speaks to his friend.  Don’t we want this richer measure and deeper insight into the heart of God?

First:     Just as I am:  God loves me (Romans 5:8) “Just as I am” but He loves me too much (2 Corinthians 5:17) to leave me “Just as I am”.  So, He began (Philippians 1:6) a good work in me which by the Holy Spirit’s power (Galatians 5:22-25) is being accomplished in me.  He is (2 Corinthians 3:18) transforming me from one degree of glory to another increasingly into His very own image.  The expression of Christian character is not in good-doing but in God-likeness.  If we have made ourselves available to the Holy Spirit by meeting the conditions of discipleship - - taking up the cross of self-denial, instant obedience to the Lord, personal devotion to Jesus - - He will take every opportunity to use our hearts and our personalities to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.  Remember that Christian success is never measured by results but (Joshua 1:8) only by obedience.  Leave all the results and all the consequences to God.

Second:      Two Doors:  Because of something Dr. Swindoll said, this verse jumped into my mind.  Jesus said (John 10:9) I am the door.  Why is that important to us?  Because, thousands of years before, there had been another door.  That previous door opened and allowed sin to enter the perfect world.  The name of that door was Adam.  Now that the door was open sin brought along with it – DEATH!  That’s why Adam and Eve are not still with us on Planet earth.  So because of that opened door, death was the hopeless future for every human person.  We were trapped.  There was no hope.  We looked to many things hoping to find a way out.  For a while tradition, philosophy, science, various religions looked something like a door but they led only to more confusion, more despair and no hope.  From one man (Romans 5:17-19) death reigned over the total population of the world.  BUT GOD so loved the world, that He sent us another Door.  God’s Door is a one-way exit from the prison of sin and death and a one-way entry to the freedom of holiness and eternal life.  The Name of this Door is Jesus and He didn’t count the cost – He paid our sin-debt in full.  This Door is open to all who will enter, but entry is by personal choice.  Because of His great love He actually thought we were worth dying for!  Are we thrilled and humbled by the love of Christ (Ephesians 3:19) which surpasses knowledge?  Is God as sure of my love for him as I am of His love for me?

Third:      I tried to pick up a sunbeam:  This morning as I was sitting at my desk God’s glorious sunshine spilled into the room.  On the floor beside my chair I saw a sunbeam.  I touched it but I couldn’t pick it up – couldn’t even feel it.  A few minutes later, after all that brilliant display, my sunbeam was gone.  What a difference when God’s beloved SON came into the world – humbly, quietly, no world-wide fanfare.  And yet – and yet – Peter said (2 Peter 1:16) we were eyewitnesses of His majesty.  John said (1John 1:1-3) we saw Him, heard Him, touched Him and He revealed God for us.  Jesus hasn’t changed and He is just the same to-day.  He never leaves (Hebrews 13:5) and He never goes away.  Do you know Him in that kind of relationship?  What is Jesus in your life – Almighty God the SON or just a passing sunbeam you think of once in a while?  If it’s the latter I hope you will get heart-sick and desperately lonely for Jesus.  The Holy Spirit is the great and greatest lover of the Lord Jesus and we would do well to follow in His train.

Fourth:    Sharing a meal with Jesus:  Jesus said (Revelation 3:20) I will come in and sup/eat with him.  I couldn’t understand this because when I’m eating I know Jesus is with me but I’m the only one eating.  Then I thought maybe this refers to future events – The Marriage Supper of the Lamb etc.  Plausible but it didn’t sit right with me.  How does Jesus eat with me?  So, I asked the Holy Spirit to explain it to me and He directed me to (Matthew 25:35-40 – “when I was hungry you gave Me bread”) and I got it.  If I share my food by sending money to missions who take the Gospel along with food and medications etc. to needy areas, then I’m sharing His heart, being part of His plan and He is eating with me because “I have done it unto Him”.  Then I re-read something Dr. A. W. Tozer said years ago and I saw it with a flash of light and the truth expanded even more.  Listen to this – “In the far-in hidden centre of our innermost being is a place so intimately private that no creature can intrude, no one but Christ can enter.”  Now my mind is rushing.  When the Lord does enter – our fellowship and co-operation with Him is beyond price and beggars description.  Jesus is there in the private place of desire, beauty and often-times mystery.  Therefore, anything I do or give for others because of love for Him, trust in Him and obedience to Him – He accepts it as being directly and personally given to Himself.  And I become one with His heart and purpose in precious, growing intimacy.  What an awesome, priceless, earth-time privilege we have – togetherness with God!  Now I have a fuller understanding of (Revelation 3:20).  If we couple our togetherness with His absolute sovereignty - - what a powerful, joy-filled life in Christ we will live!!!  Like Moses I’ve been asking God to show me His glory and He has shown me His glory in this verse.  I am longing for still more – more of Him.


P.S.  Yesterday morning this thought popped into my head:

 - In this wicked world Cain still murders Abel – BUT – in this same wicked world, God still transforms caterpillars into butterflies and uses us to bring hope and beauty to the earth dwellers. 

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