I was there

There is nothing like putting ourselves in the scene to observe, listen, learn and worship.

Yesterday morning I touched a sunbeam which travelled 96 million miles straight to my bedroom floor to remind me that, no matter what is happening in my life and all around me and no matter what is going on in our world, which has lost its way, God always was – still is – and always will be (Psalms 33:10-11) absolutely SOVEREIGN!

Early this morning (May25/21) I was combing my hair when suddenly – unexpectedly – I was no longer in the bathroom.  It was almost as if I was actually hearing the voice (Luke 23:40-43) of the thief on a cross.  He said to the other criminal – Do you not fear God?  What made him think of God just then; he certainly hadn’t thought of God during his sinful life of crime.  He acknowledged himself to be a sinner by admitting that he was punished justly.  But amazingly, in the midst of all his pain, he recognized that Jesus had done nothing worthy of death.  Then he spoke to Jesus but he didn’t call Him Jesus.  He said – LORD, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.  How did he suddenly know that the Man on the centre Cross was both Lord and King?  Everything he had ever heard about Jesus was now confirmed in him as eternal Truth by the Holy Spirit and he became a born again believer.

I sensed that he was glad when they broke his legs so he could no longer breathe.  Glad because suffocation would soon usher him into Paradise.  When, with Jesus taking him, he arrived in Paradise, did Jesus link him up with Isaiah so that he would be taught by the prophet the prophecies concerning Jesus?  Isaiah, whose sawn-in-half body was still decaying in some grave on earth, while he was gloriously alive and still serving the Living God.

I know I’m repeating what I’ve said before but I really think we rob ourselves when we skim over familiar Scriptures.  The precious Almighty Holy Spirit always has more riches for us in the bottomless treasure chest we call the Bible.  There is nothing like putting ourselves in the scene (being there) to observe, listen, learn and worship.

Here is a note of horror, based on the certain consequences of personal choice.  The other thief (Luke 16:23-26) in eternal torment, at the far end of the great fixed chasm, saw his former partner–in-crime – comforted, joyful and eternally secure.

(Dr. Swindoll) “Passivity/indifference/apathy is your enemy.  The greater our privilege to be able to read, hear and know the Truth, the greater is our responsibility.”

(Dr. Youssef) “If a church or an individual Christian gains favour with the world, they lose power with God.  Jesus wore (John 19:5) a crown of thorns so that believers could wear (2 Timothy 4:8) a crown of righteousness.”

If Jesus can so transform a hardened criminal that on the very day he was crucified for his crimes, the very same day, he was taken by Jesus to Paradise - - - be assured that He can save and transform your unsaved loved ones, for whom you are praying. 

Keep on praying and (1 John 5:14-15) keep on believing.  Do you realize that if you fail to believe anything God has said in His Word - - you are calling God a liar!

(Oswald Chambers) “If we think of prayer as the breath in our lungs and the blood from our hearts, we think rightly. We are not always conscious of Jesus keeping us in perfect joint with God but, if we are obeying Him, He always is.  Prayer is not an exercise, it is the life.  Praying without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17) is the habit of prayer in our hearts to God all the time.”

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