Insights and examples received during conversations with the Lord

Then Jesus spoke another word, just one,  “Mary” and in Mary`s life     - - -   ALL HEAVEN BROKE IN

I am always amazed and always grateful for the spiritual truths we cannot fully understand yet have no difficulty in fully believing (e.g. the Holy Trinity).  This is the inner work of our gracious Teacher, the Holy Spirit.  We know that (Deuteronomy 29:29) the secret things belong unto God.  We dare not probe there; if we try, we do so at our peril.  However, we can continually learn more deeply those things God has revealed to us.


I was praying one morning recently for a country where horrible atrocities are perpetrated against a certain segment of the population from infancy to any age.  Then another country invaded my thoughts – where sickening brutalities are inflicted on children barely out of infancy.  I had to stop praying – I could not continue in prayer.  I could only cry, “Oh God, how can it be, how can it be?”  I sat silently for several minutes and then the Lord gave me an example of the use or abuse of power.  Pretend with me that $100.00 represents God’s power – not His total power of course but the daily allotment of power He gives to each of us.  This power is the currency to spend according to the choices of our free will.

Stretch your imagination a little further and pretend that I am the parent of twins.  One day I gave each of them $100.00 to spend in any way they chose.  It was my money freely given so it became theirs.  One twin went out and ran into an obviously hungry man.  He took him into a restaurant and bought him a great meal.  Then he gave him the rest of the money, all he had, for future needs. The other twin went out and met a drug dealer on the corner.  He blew the whole $100.00 on pills.

Can we see the majesty of USE and the terror of ABUSE?  Same amount, same free choice, SAME SOURCE!!!

There is a day coming when the books will be opened and everyone judged by their works. 

For Christians – the Judgment Seat of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:10)

For the Unsaved – The Great White Throne (Revelation 20:12)


C.H. Spurgeon said that Divine election and man’s responsibility are like two parallel lines, running closely together but never meeting.  Until one day in eternity they will converge at the throne of God.

I was content with this and did not think it permissible to dig deeper.  I was not even remotely thinking about this when God dropped an example into my mind.  I’ll tell you the story He told me.  There were two young couples, happily married and best friends with each other. In fact, all four had known each other since elementary school and had always been great pals.  Now married, they enjoyed vacations and many activities together.  One day the husband of one couple received an offer of a terrific job.  The one drawback was that it was thousands of miles away in another country.  It was too good to pass up so he accepted the position.  The parting was sad for the couples but they kept in touch regularly even though they couldn’t get to see each other. Then one day the thrilling news came that one couple had a baby boy. About a year later the other couple had a baby girl.  Because of the deep affection for each other, their shared interests and similar history, they began to plan a pre-arranged marriage.  They began to save and plan for the big future event.  They would talk to the children over the years but they paid no attention.  They had never met or had contact with each other. They were enjoying their life, school and friends. The boy had a brilliant mind and entered a prestigious university.  He excelled in all his endeavours.  One day he saw a notice about a new discussion group being formed and he joined it.  He met some very pleasant people but one girl caught his eye immediately.  He fell hard – they started dating – and were deeply in love – they got married right away.  He wrote to his parents and told them to forget about any pre-arranged marriage because he was already married to the only girl he would ever love.  His bride also wrote to her parents.

                  You know what is coming, don’t you?

Both sets of parents requested the name of their new daughter/son-in-law.  You guessed it.  When they heard the name, they jumped for joy.  It was the very girl and boy whose marriage they dreamed of years ago.

Not until after they were married did they discover that it was a pre-destined marriage.  Does that remind you of anything?

We are saved, born again, redeemed by the precious Blood of our Saviour, long before we learn that we were Divinely elected.  Does that solve all the mystery?  No, but so what. It`s all about God`s love and wisdom, enjoy the romance, we are the Bride of Christ!

Meditating on God and His Word will take us deeper into exploring the sacred wonders of the Triune Godhead.  I am only on the threshold.  I have so much to learn but I’m very eager to learn.  Are you coming?

One more thought to fill our hearts with wonder and worship.

We are in a garden on this early morning.  The rising sun is turning the dew on the velvet grass to sparkling diamonds.  A gentle breeze carried a lovely fragrance.  Suddenly, we hear something that seems out of place in this beautiful garden.  Over there, standing near an empty tomb, a woman is sobbing, deep wrenching sobs that tear at her insides and touch our hearts.

A Man approaches her and asks why she is crying.  Her tears blind her, she cannot see Him and barely hears Him.  Supposing Him to be the gardener, she says, They have taken away my Lord.  If you moved His body, please tell me and I will take Him away.  For Mary there was no hope and no future.  Everything beautiful was gone and in Mary`s life


Jesus had risen from the dead triumphantly.  Shortly after that an angel had rolled away the stone to reveal the emptiness of the tomb.  All heaven was in feverish anticipation, waiting to welcome the conquering Victor for the first time the Man Christ Jesus, would be in Heaven.  Jesus was longing to go, longing for that joyous meeting with the Father to present His redeeming Blood.  But Jesus stayed back and delayed His going.  Why did Jesus keep all heaven waiting?  Because one heart-broken woman who loved Him was crying.  (Oh, look at Jesus, see Him).

Then Jesus spoke another word, just one,  “Mary” and in Mary`s life


Let us turn our eyes upon Jesus and hear Him speak our name – then as emotion swells our hearts to nearly bursting, we will know that nothing matters except He be glorified.

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