Is this Christmas?

Christmas ..... a wondrous star in the night sky, startled shepherds, a glorious angelic message,

THE PRICELESS GIFT -- and we've added candles, coloured lights, trees, decorations, etc. This is how we see Christmas with a view from the earth.

Do we recognize the Christmas story in Revelation 12:1-6?

It is not like anything we've ever seen on a Christmas card. This is Christmas with the curtain pulled back. This is Christmas from the angels' viewpoint. The angels know that Christmas began with a war in the loveliest of all gardens, the war of the SEEDS. The devil has been at war with Jesus ever since Genesis 3:15. In Revelation 12, there is no mention of shepherds or star or Infant King. It pictures an enormous, red dragon leading a ferocious struggle as his huge tail sweeps a third of the stars out of the sky and flings them to earth. He crouches hungrily before the woman, intent on devouring her Child the moment He is born. At the last second the Baby is snatched away to safety and all-out cosmic war begins. This is our quick peek behind the scenes. On earth a Baby was born in Bethlehem; King Herod got wind of it and set a wicked plan in motion. In Heaven, the Great Invasion had begun as the Ruler of Righteousness made a daring raid into the universe's seat of evil. The key to understanding Christmas is to see that we live in parallel worlds. One world has hills and lakes and subway trains and office buildings. The other consists of holy angels and sinister forces and somewhere out there, Heaven and Hell. One cold, dark night the two worlds came together with a jarring collision as the infinite, almighty God took on the shocking confines of a Baby's skin and the ominous restraints of mortality. But the few eyewitnesses on that first Christmas saw none of that. They saw a new- born Infant exercising His brand-new lungs. Because we get a glimpse from Heaven's viewpoint, we know that the entire universe was affected.

The history of the human race is the record of the war between the seeds; the "seed of the serpent" and the "SEED" of the woman."

Do we think of life that way?

God is determined to have a witness to Jesus Christ and the devil is determined to obliterate God's witness in the world. Satan will use any method to damn a soul, to doom a life, to silence a Christian witness.

As we come again to Christmas, let us see it from both sides now. As the war approaches its climax, the pressure will be greater, the attacks will be fiercer, the world will get darker. We do not have to be defeated in a battle already lost; we can celebrate a victory already won. Let us remember that the Man-Child survived every attack of the dragon, He conquered death and sin and Satan and He will soon return to rule.

Wishing you a joyous, victorious Christmas.

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