My alphabet continues to expand

From A to Z my life, heart and head are filled with God’s Word.

A – And we know (Romans 8:28-29).  We are responsible for what we know and what we could have known.  Ignorance is no excuse if we have deliberately neglected opportunities to learn from the Holy Spirit, Who unfolds the treasures of God’s Word.  We have sweet fellowship as we read and discuss with Him.

B – But as many (John 1:12) as received Him. This is God’s BUT and it is an eternal BUT and has eternal consequences for those who refuse to believe and receive Him.  Let’s share the Gospel in every way we can while there is still time.

C – Come (Isaiah 1:18, Matthew 11:28) to Me.  If we are proud, defiantly independent we will not come to Jesus. I must be humble to recognize my constant need of Him. What pathetic and dangerous poverty I choose if I don’t!

D – Dust and Dirt. Only Jesus can wash the dirt all sinners are and by the cleansing of His precious Blood restore us to the glorious Dust and the Divine purpose for which we were created from Dust.  Our journey is from Dust to dirt, then back to Dust and then to Gold.  Only because of Calvary can dirt become dust and then Gold.

E – Except (Matthew 18:3-4) you become like a little child.  Not striving to impress anyone.  Honest, transparent, humble enough to admit that you have needs and with loving confidence in your heavenly Father to meet those needs.  A child in this close relationship never worries because the Father always knows.  I’ll only make it if it’s not I but Christ in me as He still trusts and obeys the Father in and through me.  Am I living in the dynamic reality of Incarnate Deity?

F – Faith – A father tells his child that he’ll bring him a surprise gift when he returns from his trip.  Based on the father’s past record and character, the child will believe him or not.  Our heavenly Father is absolutely reliable, more so than the best of earthly fathers and there is no possible hindrance to the fulfillment of His promises.  I am a thief, robbing myself, if I am stupid enough not to believe every word He says.  Faith is a verb.  It is belief grabbing hold of truth and not letting go no matter how deplorable things seem to look.  Faith is not a warm fuzzy feeling – it is belief in action which is based on the character of God.  Faith without works (James 2:17) is just hot air.  (Dr.Jeremiah) “Faith and obedience are synonyms”.


G – Give (Malachi 3:10, Matthew 6:33, Luke 6:38) and it shall be given to you according to the standard you set.  In my sovereign preference for Jesus above all else, I will recognize that I actually own nothing because He owns everything.  My giving will not be based on what I can afford or on how much I have left – but only on what the Owner tells me to steward out of what is entirely His.  The wonderful fact is that wherever the money goes, it is not gone, it is still His to control and accomplish His purpose.  As I was making out a cheque the Holy Spirit invaded my thoughts with this beautiful truth - - there is infinite security in the Master’s ownership.


H – Holy – Be holy (Leviticus 11:44-45), 1 Peter 2:16) because I am holy.  Holiness is not contagious (Haggai 2:12-13) but unholiness is.  Because Jesus, Who indwells me, is holy, His holiness will be expressed as He lives His holy life in and through me.  Out of the abundance of the heart (Matthew 12:34) the mouth speaks. 

(Dr.Youssef)  “What is in the well comes up in the bucket”.  The Lord listens (Malachi 3:16) and keeps a record of those who worship Him and think on His Name.  The Holy Spirit is our Teacher and Guide, and He illuminates us far beyond natural understanding.   (Dr. Stanley) points out that (Proverbs 3:1-12) “is a compass, a moral guide for all of life.”


I – Invitation to peace.  Where could you find peace in this chaotic world of trouble and uncertainty?  Nothing will trip me up if I love and meditate on God’s Word (Psalms 119:165) and I’ll have great peace.  Perfect peace is mine (Isaiah 26:3) if my mind is stayed on the Lord and not window-shopping in the world.  His peace will guard (Philippians 4:6-7) my heart and mind.  He will give me His kingdom peace (2 Thessalonians 3:16) at all times and in all circumstances.  Impulse is the enemy of discipline.  If you want to make strangers of loneliness, upset, anxiety and frustration, and fear, determinedly learn to develop inner quietness which is (1 Thessalonians 4:11, Isaiah 30:15) born of confident knowing and trusting that God is always in control of every detail of our lives.


J – Justice – If I expect to be always treated justly in this fallen world I am cruising for a bruising.  Jesus told us (Luke 12:13) if we suffer loss by injustice, not to retaliate, when we meet injustice, not to respond in like manner but to be sure to treat others with justice in transparent integrity.  God Himself demonstrates that Christian justice partners with grace.  So, if someone takes my jacket, I’ll give him my sweater also (Matthew 5:39-40), and if someone hurts me because of my faith in Christ, I’ll make it easy for him to hurt me again.  Why in the world would I live that way?  Because (John 15:19) I’m not of the world, I’m just a temporary resident.  My citizenship (Ephesians 2:19, Philippians 3:20) is in heaven and I’m heading Home.


K – Kin – Our Kinsman Redeemer has (Colossians 1:20) reconciled us to God.  Now we are (Romans 8:16) God’s own children which means that (1John 3:2) we are the family of God.  Every believer everywhere is kith and kin to me.  We need to show fellow-Christians the depths of the family ties and to see opportunities for family sharing at whatever level of need.


L – Let the mind of Christ (Philippians 2:5) be in you.  Let this mind, choose this mind, deliberately clear away everything contrary and make room for this mind.  (Oswald Chambers) “The Holy Spirit expounds the nature of Jesus to me in order to make me one with my Lord”.  We need to grasp this truth and get it straight (1 Corinthians 6:19) I am NOT my own.  I have been bought and fully paid for at tremendous cost (1 Peter 1:19) by the precious Blood of Jesus to be his disciple, to be entirely His.  His mind will direct me to faithfully (Psalms 119:105) walk in the light of God’s Word where I will constantly get more light.


M – My sheep (John 10:27) hear and recognize My voice, which is so familiar to them that they cannot be deceived by a strange voice.  They know Me and obey Me because they are safe with Me.  I won’t hear His voice if I’m not listening because I’ve made a deliberate choice to listen to the wrong voice, a seducing, a deceiving voice.  There are so many voices attempting to lead us astray but if I stay close to and in constant touch with the Good Shepherd I will always hear His dear, welcome voice, the only voice which guaranties guidance, provision, protection and loving companionship.


N – Never alone – I have my Lord’s promise (Hebrews 13:5) that He will never leave, fail or forsake me in any way.  The light of the Shekinah glory of His Presence dwells within me.  No brother could or would (Proverbs 18:24) stick as close to us as Jesus does all the time.  How great is God’s goodness (Zechariah 9:17) and how great is His beauty.


O – Ownership – Do we grasp what God’s ownership means?  The neighbours can’t hop into your car and drive away.  That’s your car because you paid for it.  You own it and you are responsible for its care.  As God’s purchased possession (1 Peter 1:19) I must recognize and submit to His sole right to decide what is done in, through and by my body.  He calls the shots and He makes the plays.  My comforting assurance is knowing that God’s ownership of me gives Him full responsibility for all my care and needs.


P – Pray (1 Thessalonians 5:17) without ceasing.  Do I have precious unbroken communion with the Lord so that wherever I am, whatever or whoever I see, whatever I’m doing, based on all of that, deep within me He can call me to specific prayer?  Regular daily prayer times are holy privilege where God reveals His will in my prayers for ministries, people, needs and salvation.  Regular or momentary prayer can reflect my Father’s heart.  As I see deeper, closer oneness with Him, the very heart of God can be reflected not only in my prayers but also in my life because of intimate identification with Jesus.


Q – Questions – No questions, no debate, no delay.  In that day (John 16:23) you will ask Me no questions.  What day?  When I have such a relationship with Jesus that I promptly yield without reservation, obey without hesitation and trust without agitation.  If we want continual perfection, always ask for God’s will, God’s way and God’s timing.  He has the helm and He knows where He’s going so that we can leave the driving to Him and be safe and worry-free.


R – Reality – This is reality – I am (Acts 1:8) a witness.  I am salt (Matthew 5:13-14).  I am light.  Am I living in the reality of who I am in Christ, or do I live in a self-indulgent fantasy which blinds me to my responsibility and accountability before God for others?  That is a choice to be like a virgin who carries a lamp but has no oil or like salt that has no flavor.  God put you and me where we are to be shining lights and beneficial salt and that is God’s requirement and reality.


S – Set your minds (Colossians 3:1-2) on the rich spiritual things above.  Seek the Lord (Deuteronomy 4:29, Isaiah 55:6) with all your heart because your mind matters.  Your focus (Hebrews 12:2-3) is essentially to be on Jesus and away from everything which would distract from Him.  If I let my mind become the devil’s playground, filled with the world’s deceptions, my mind will become like an inn (Luke 2:7) which is already full and has no room for Jesus.  God forbid!  The most important activity of our lives is meditation on God’s Word.


T- Temptation – Don’t set yourself up, don’t make provision (Romans 13:14) by skirting the fringes of lust, seeing how close you can come.  These foolish ventures always end in a train wreck.  As someone wisely said – don’t take the bait and you won’t get hooked.  God always provides a way (1 Corinthians 10:13) of escape, so seek that way and marry it to (1 Corinthians 10:31) do all to the glory of God.


U – Unexpected Trials – Don’t get all bent out of shape (1 Peter 4:12) when you are surprisingly hit with difficulty, illness, hardship, handicaps and even grief.  The eternal things are still in place.  This is the common-to-all-environment of this fallen world.  But there is a redeeming factor.  These very things become the tools, the hammers, the chisels in the hand of God for the building blocks of godly character in His building project to restore us to the Divine Image.  After Redemption this is the process of sanctification.  Let’s make our worst times become our best times because (Psalms 77) they drive us closer to God.  When He has tried me (Job 23:10) I shall come forth as pure gold.


V – Vengeance is Mine.  Beware, abhor, steer clear of all bitterness and unforgiveness (Matthew 18:34) or you will build your own prison.  Let God be God and leave the settling of accounts to Him.  He is the only One with the full wisdom to handle it justly and bring healing.


W – Wait on the Lord.  Patience is a crying need for most of us.  Life is not like instant coffee.  I waited patiently for the Lord (Psalms 40:1) and he heard me.  God always hears us but we need to be patient in waiting for His perfect answer and His perfect timing.  In patience (Luke 21:19) possess your souls.  Impatience makes your emotions go haywire, running in all directions. In steadfast endurance and patiently trusting, no matter what the situation or how it looks, we will find the true life of our soul, the life that honours God.  If you are praying for patience God has only one prescription (Romans 5:3) tribulations and trials.


X – Xray vision.  God sees everything (Hebrews 4:13) – the hidden, secret sins, the intense longings of our hearts beyond expression and He understands and cares.  His eyes run to and fro (Zechariah 4:10) through all the earth and (Genesis 16:13He sees me with His eyes of love.  The One Who knows me best loves me most.


Y – You – abide in Me and you will (John 15:5) bear much fruit even (Psalms 92:12-14) in old age.  God has given you a lifespan of (Psalms 139:16) a specific number of days because God knows how many days would be necessary for you to fulfill (Psalms 71:18, Acts 13:36) the purpose for which the Lord created you.  If your abiding roots go deep (Jeremiah 17:8) the fruit will increase.  Your life will honour the Father, exalt and glorify the Son and bring joy to the Holy Spirit because of your fruit harvest.


Z – Zion – (Psalms 102:18) the city of our God.  Pray for (Psalms 122:6) the peace of Jerusalem.  Anti-Semitism is increasing and the time of Jacob’s trouble is approaching.  Pray that many Jews will recognize and receive Jesus as their Messiah.  God has ordained (Haggai 2:23) a glorious future for Israel.  When Jesus suddenly appears, standing on the Mount of Olives, the Jews will see the very One they pierced (Zechariah 12:10) and with deep heart-stricken grief they will mourn as for an only son.  Then all Israel (Romans 11:26) will repent and be saved.  At that time God will make Jerusalem (Isaiah 60:15) an eternal glory and joy.  God shall speak the Word and (Zechariah 9:10) peace shall come.


From A to Z my life, heart and head are filled with God’s Word and the love of my Lord.

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