Will anyone enjoy eternal bliss in heaven because of the compassion I have shown as a good neighbour while on earth?

Hippocrates known as the father of modern medicine, lived in the 4th century B.C.  He wrote that wine and oil should be poured on sores and wounds.  The alcohol in the wine would cleanse and disinfect and the oil would soothe and heal.  Jesus referred to this remedy in (Luke 10:25-37) His parable about the Good Samaritan.  (I heard that doctors no longer take the Hippocratic Oath.  How could those who perform abortions and participate in assisted suicides?)  The question of (Luke 10:29) the deceitful, self-righteous lawyer was – who is my neighbour?  But the intent of the question of Jesus was (Luke 10:36) – what kind of neighbour are you?  The priest, Levite and Samaritan all saw the victim of a brutal mugging.  The first two did not want or intend to get involved.  The difference was that (Dr. Swindol) “the Samaritan had compassion”.  As I was meditating, I realized that – Compassion Compels Involvement.  On the dangerous winding road to Jericho there were many caves and large rocks where robbers would hide in wait for unsuspecting travellers.  The Samaritan was also busy and heading to a business destination.  Also, he recognized that the victim was a hated Jew who would never help him.  BUT!!! he did not go with his head and take the path of prejudice and self-protecting logic.  He went with his heart and took the costly path of compassion.  It could have been very dangerous for the Samaritan to linger on that road.  Do you see lurking possibilities of danger in some of your compassion opportunities and do they make you fearful?  (Dr. Jeremiah) “Faith is not a medication which you take after the feared disease has infected you (Isaiah 12:2) but faith is the vaccine which prevents the feared disease from ever getting a grip on you.”

When the disciples returned from (Mark 6:36-37) their first missionary journey, Jesus and they were so busy with the crowds that they didn’t even have time to eat.  Jesus told them to get into the boat so they could go to a solitary place and get some rest.  But – oh no! – The people saw them leave, ran over ahead of them and were waiting on the shore when the boat arrived.

I can guess what the disciples were thinking, but bone-weary Jesus did not tell the people to get lost BECAUSE He had compassion on them.  When the disciples wanted to send the people away – His compassion compelled Jesus to feed them.

Yes Lord, I can see it clearly Compassion always compels involvement.  Does any kind of prejudice in me cancel my compassion for any person?  The Samaritan put all he was doing and intended to do on the back burner and chose to let compassion reign in fragrant loveliness.  Does my self-interest and self-protection murder compassion?  How can I get that loving, generous, involvement quality of compassion?  The parable Jesus told was not a historical event but an illustration of a principle.  Don’t dismiss it lightly because it is a parable.  Remember that it came straight from the mind and heart of Jesus, which makes it a priceless principle.  If Jesus is reigning in my life, enthroned in my heart, then His loving heart of selfless compassion will be expressed through me without prejudice or partiality. What kind of neighbour am I? - - are you?

Jesus told us (Matthew 6:33) that as long as we live on earth, to seek first and make our top priority the Kingdom of God.  Why?  God’s response to our obedience is to meet every need in our daily lives.  But I think there is also another reason for His instruction.   I will live on this earth for a little more or a little fewer than one hundred years.  I will live in God’s eternal Kingdom for unending millions – billions – trillions of countless glorious years.  It is obvious which is most important and for which to build and prepare.  This awesome truth erects a searching question for myself.   Will anyone enjoy eternal bliss in heaven, having become a believer in Jesus, with citizenship in heaven, because of the compassion I have shown as a good neighbour while still on earth?

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