Nothing was created ..?

Nothing was created EXCEPT what He created ( John 1:3) and He created ALL THINGS. Let the transcendent glory of that linger at the back of our minds as we listen intently to something Jesus said. I can (John 5:30) do nothing of Myself but only as I am taught. Taught? By Whom?

When the Son of God temporarily laid aside all the attributes of His Deity the Man Jesus fully accepted all the limitations of humanity. We have no difficulty in understanding His Deity but do we truly understand – really get it – His humanity? He learned obedience (Hebrews 5:8) by the things He suffered. Hang in there! Does that mean He was disobedient before? Of course not – but whom does God obey? Like every human He had to learn every new thing, which He had never before experienced. How did suffering teach obedience? No self-protesting retaliation against rejection - scorn – attempted malicious entrapments No self-defence against lies about Himself and devilish verbal abuse. His choice was to always do (John 8:29) the things that pleased His Father. BUT – BUT – that is not possible for a human person. What was His secret? God gave Jesus (John 3:34) the Holy Spirit without measure. Why without measure? Because He was available to God without measure. Grab this astounding truth. Jesus, the sinless Man, could not live the Christian life in His own strength. How many miracles is Jesus do? None! A Man approved unto God (Acts 2:22) by signs and wonders, which GOD DID by Him. Because He was available and ready for whatever God wanted to do or say. His choice – the Holy Spirit’s power.The desire and goal of Jesus now is that the life He lived back then by the power of the Holy Spirit – would be the very life He lives now by the power of the Holy Spirit in you and me. WOW! How could it be possible for someone like me? Because of something Jesus said on the Cross “It is finished”. What was finished? The completed work of atonement for all sin. How do we know for sure that it was totally – fully – absolutely finished? We have to see what was done long before He said that and compare it with what He did after He said it.Pastor Rob Simons – reminds us that there were no chairs in the Holy of Holies. Why not? The priests could not sit down on the job, because the work of preparing sacrificial offerings was never done (Ezekiel 46:18) every morning. The routine must continue daily and the priests stood to do the work every day because (Hebrews 10:2) all the blood of all the animals was powerless to take away sins. The priest stood daily (Hebrews 10:11,12) to make the same offering over and over. These regular offerings were like an I.O.U., which God accepted temporarily until the time of the one and only (John 1:29) Sin-Bearer, the Lamb of God.BUT – Christ our great High Priest offered one Sacrifice once – for all sin – and for all time.THEN – He sat down! Where? In His place of authority at the right hand of God.The only reason (Galatians 5:1) we are able to stand is because Jesus sat down. He finished it forever – He fully satisfied the wrath of God, so that God could forgive and still remain just and holy. He conquered – He triumphed – He is Victor. Death had lost and LIFE had won and death will never reign again. His glorious resurrection is our unshakable assurance. Just at the time Jesus said (John 19:30) IT IS FINISHED – the priest were standing as they prepare the Passover lambs in the Holy place. At the exact moment He yielded up His spirit – the 6 inch thick veil in the temple was torn apart from top to bottom. The Holy of Holies was thrown open and animal sacrifices would never be needed again. Looking unto Jesus (Hebrews 12:2) the Author and Finisher of our faith. What does that mean for you and me? Stop looking at any and all distractions and keep our eyes on Jesus. He is the Source of our Faith – He gave us our initial desire and understanding to believe. As we keep our eyes on Him, He will bring our faith to ever-increasing maturity.Dr. A. W. Tozer – Faith is not a once-done act but a continuous gaze of our heart at the Triune God. We can choose to establish our heart’s intention always to gaze forever upon Jesus. When the eyes of our soul looking out meet the gaze of God looking in, heaven has begun right here on earth.Join me is singing a verse from an old hymnSince my eyes were fixed on JesusI’ve lost sight of all besideSo enchanted my spirit’s visionGazing on the Crucified


A thought from Pastor Brett McBrideWhen I’m cut – do I bleed Jesus?When I’m squeezed – do I leak Jesus?When I hug or am hugged – does the love of Jesus come through me?I thought this was the end of this meditation, but while I was having breakfast the Lord gave me what follows. And I am in AWE.A couple of lines from an old hymn: “I wonder what He saw in me to suffer such deep agony.Take a couple of minutes stop think about that.Dr. Stanley put it this way.In the past (Ephesians 4:30) our spirits were saved once and forever.In the future our bodies (1 Thessalonians 4:17, Philippians 3:21) will be saved eternally.In the present (1 Thessalonians 3:13, Romans 8:29) our souls are being saved through sanctification (Hebrews 10:14)Actually – what God saw in you and me was Himself. He created us in His own image, and although it is defaced it is not erased. God knew that in the Resurrection His image would be restored to you and me and that He would see in you and me the reflection of Himself. God also knew that it would cost Him terrible, unspeakable anguish for the Atonement. BUT – stunning fact! BUT – God thought it was worth it. Our lives reveal exactly how much we think it is worth.When Moses came down from the mountain (Exodus 34:35) his face still shone with the light of the shekinah glory of God’s Presence. The people saw it but it faded. When Jesus came down from the Mount of Transfiguration (Mark 9:15) His face was still glistening with the shekinah glory. The people saw it and were amazed, but it faded. It was not an outward show, but an internal preparation and equipping for continual obedience to God without question. The light of the shekinah glory of God’s Presence within you and me should not be fading, but increasing more and more so that more and more people would see Jesus because of (Philippians 2:15) our shining.

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