Rahab has something to tell you

Rahab was truly Rahab-ilitated.

She was utterly terrified.  Why?  She had a very profitable business (a brothel) and a good income.  She had a family and, what some would call it, success.  So why this chilling fear which drove her sleep away and tormented her mind day and night?  She, and the people of the city where she lived, had heard about an advancing army.  In every battle they had been victorious and now they were heading toward her home city.  Every person she met spoke only of danger, dread and hopelessness.  But there was something beside fear in Rahab’s heart.  She had heard that all the victories of the approaching army had been accomplished by their God and she had a longing to know this God.  Of course, that was impossible.  Everyone in Jericho faced and expected imminent and certain death.  One sleepless night she heard a knock at her door – not unusual at a house of prostitution.  But she was in for a huge shock.  The 2 men seeking lodging (Joshua 2:1) were not seeking sinful pleasure – they were Israeli spies!  They couldn’t have found a better place to avoid calling attention to themselves.  All of a sudden, almost beyond comprehension, a tiny spark of hope ignited in Rahab’s heart.  Rahab took a huge risk (Joshua 2:2-5) in defying the king’s orders.  She knew there was no hope for Jericho so she put her trust in the 2 spies who represented their God.  She already recognized Him as the God, Who is (Joshua 2:11) God of heaven and earth.  They gave her a scarlet cord to hang in her window.  When they came they would destroy everything – BUT – if they saw that scarlet cord they would pass by her house and spare her whole family.

Does that remind you of an epoch night in Egypt?  A night when God said (Exodus 2:23) when I see the blood I will pass over you.

Rahab kept checking the scarlet cord in her window – making sure that it was securely in place – making sure that nothing hid it from view.  How did Rahab’s faith work out for her?  Joshua saved Rahab (Joshua 6:25) and took her to Israel.  So was that it for Rahab?  No way - - she married Salmon and became (Ruth 4:21) the great-great grandmother of King David.  What would Rahab – the ancestor of our Saviour – have to say to us about faith.  I can almost hear her say, “If you put your trust in the One True God – you can’t lose for winning.”

What is the quality of your faith – of my faith?  Wickedness and violence are everywhere and whole neighbourhoods are constantly in fear.  Before the middle of this month of August there were 44 shootings right here in Toronto.  Add to that the stabbings, muggings and traffic accidents because of distracted drivers, drunk drivers and speeding drivers.  We can’t gather up in our hearts all the grief and shock of the affected families.  Are you entangled in fear or are you steadfast in faith no matter the circumstances or surroundings?

I read (Psalms 11) God is angry with the wicked every day.  I’m getting another slant on that verse and my views and prayers regarding wickedness are changing somewhat.  I do not see horrific brutality, cruelty and violence etc. as the greatest wickedness.

The terrorist has been brain-washed by false religion from infancy.  Many of the vicious gang members have inside them a wounded, fatherless, lonely child still longing for love and attention.  THEY NEED JESUS!

I see as most wicked of all, the proud, arrogant, self-righteous fool who undermines the Cross of Christ, tramples underfoot the Son of God and sees no necessity for the precious Blood of the Lamb.  He takes God’s offer of incredible grace and scornfully throws it back in God’s face.  Could there be any greater wickedness?

We know that our world will get even darker until the Light of the world comes and dispels all darkness.  In the meantime, what is the Lord’s command to us?  Be anxious (Philippians 4:6) for nothing and pray about everything.

What if things got worse than we can imagine?  What if, in our lifetime, China or Russia declared war on Canada and our land knew nothing but destruction, deprivation and desolation?  Would you and I continue to be firm in our assurance that God is absolutely Sovereign and (Psalms 103:19) His kingdom rules over all (Daniel 4:25, Daniel 4:34).  Do we fully understand (Job 12:10) that the life of every living thing is in God’s hand and the breath of all mankind.  Have we proven that God will show Himself strong (2 Chronicles 16:9) on behalf of those who obey Him – so we can join Job in saying (Job 13:15) though He slay me yet will I trust Him.  When fear knocks at the door and faith answers – there is nobody there.

We have the privilege of taking every encounter we have with a problem of difficulty or misery and turning it into an opportunity for God’s incredible grace to be revealed in and through us.

What is that noise?  Oh look, - - it’s Rahab applauding.

Dr. David Jeremiah  -

Whether God calms the storm all around you, or calms you in the midst of the storm – YOU ARE SAFE!

God will give us (Isaiah 61:3) beauty for ashes.  How can God replace ashes with beauty if there are no ashes?  What are the ashes?  Maybe the ashes of a wasted life, now redeemed.  Take another look at Rahab.  Her sinful past was consumed when she came to repentance and faith in the Lord.  Rahab was truly Rahab-ilitated.  If God accepted temporarily (Numbers 19:10, Hebrews 9:13-14) the ashes of the red heifer for purification – how much more will the Blood of Christ purify our conscience and enable us to serve the living God.  The ashes would be essential for anything in our lives that needs to be surrendered to be consumed by the Holy Spirit’s power.  If we are looking for God’s beauty we need to check if anything in us needs to be turned into ashes.  (A few things Oswald Chambers said in various messages).

“We have to deliberately determine to be interested only in that in which God is interested.

Focus on ourselves hinders our usefulness to God.

Jesus Christ hates the wrong in us and Calvary is the estimate of His hatred.

Identification with the death of Jesus Christ means identification with Him to the death of everything in us that was never in Him.”

When everything in us that was never in Jesus is reduced to ashes - - then we can experience the beauty of the Lord our God upon us (Psalms 90:17) and reveal His beauty to our world which knows nothing of true and lasting beauty .  Because we know (Hebrews 13:21) that God’s purpose in our redemption is that we allow Him to reproduce the likeness of Jesus Christ in our lives.

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