All Thy works shall praise Thy Name.

Even the stones have a message.

During Jesus' triumphal entry (Luke 19), the Pharisees told Him to reprove His disciples. Jesus replied (Vs.40) that if they kept silent, the very stones would cry out. But the disciples deserted Him just a few days later; so why didn't the stones cry out?

Actually, they did, and they paved a wonderful way for us. When Jesus dismissed His spirit and put death to death, the earth convulsed and the stones exploded with a power that opened the tombs and revived many dead saints (Matthew 27:51-52). Soon after Jesus' Resurrection, the huge stone leaped exultantly aside for the joy of exposing an empty tomb (Mark 16:4).

Back then Jesus wept because, in their day, they didn't know what the stones knew. They crucified the Creator of the rocks, Who offered them life; and the day will come when they will pray to the rocks to bring them death (Revelation 6:16).

Has the story of the stones been finished? No, the message continues. But how? Those who didn't know what the stones knew, discarded the precious Corner Stone; but to us who believe is granted the privilege to become "living stones," built into a holy habitation of the Living God (1 Peter 2:4-5).

Isn't that amazing? The God Whom the heavens cannot contain fixes His dwelling place in us! He makes His home in our hearts and we have become the garden of God.

So the stones continue to speak, inanimate stones and living stones; and all in testimony to our Risen Saviour, the Lord of Life. The stones of Jerusalem knew Him only as Creator but oh, the awesome privilege of the living stones! We are literally indwelt by Almighty God. Let us continue to be stones crying out in witness, praise and thanksgiving.

With love and prayers,

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