Talk about a stress buster

I was waiting for the elevator to get me down for my Wheel-Trans ride to Sunnybrook to visit my husband and just thinking about his condition. Suddenly the Lord dropped five words into my mind - - IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME. Of course my thoughts automatically finished the sentence (GAL. 4:4) but I didn’t get it at first. What does “fullness of time” mean? Well, if you have fullness in a cup of tea there is no room for anymore tea. Likewise, if you have fullness of time there is no more time to wait for it - - it must be now. Did God pick a time at random or did He need a specific time right down to the very day? Why did Jesus come exactly when He came? Over 300 prophecies were made concerning Him between 500 and 1,000 years before He was born. He didn’t come near the time of any prophesy but much later. Get ready for goose bumps! Jesus lived on earth for about 33 years and less than 40 years after His Ascension, Rome ransacked Jerusalem. But what happened during those years? Pentecost – the Church was born, Stephen was the first martyr as persecution increased and scattered believers SO THAT the Gospel was spread over the whole known world. Think, what does that tell us about God’s always perfect and marvelous timing?

We see this principle again in the lives of a few of our many friends. Why were these individuals born in the fullness of time - - why did they have to be born exactly at the right time?

ENOCH – because (GEN.5:21,29) his great-grandson was required at a specific time.

NOAH – because (GEN.6:14, 7:5) he believed God about something he had never heard of nor seen so he worked diligently for 120 years to build the ark.

RAHAB – she protected the Israeli spies (JOSH.2:4) because she had been ordained (MAT.1:5) to be the great-great-grandmother of King David.

ESTHER – so she would be in the kingdom (EST.4:14) for “such a time as this”.

NEHEMIAH – to (NEH.6:15) build the wall.

BILLY GRAHAM – because thousands of people in many lands (RO.9:23) had hearts prepared to receive the Gospel.

Just a sampling of the amazing timing of God in the birth and purpose of every human He created.

Thinking about all this has brought me a very personal message and a wonderful stress-buster. And – guess what – no surprise – I have a very personal message for you.

Think about yourself right now. If you think your date of birth was the plaything of fate or the whim of chance, you think wrongly. You know (EPH.1:4) that you were chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world. But God didn’t send Jesus, in ages past, when you were chosen - - Jesus didn’t exist then and neither did you. Because you were chosen, what else happened then? God prepared good works (EPH.2:10) so that when you arrived you would simply have to walk into what God had made ready and suitable just for you. Anything else? The Holy Spirit gives one or more spiritual gifts to every believer (RO.12,1COR.12) but He chooses (1COR. 12:11) specific gifts for each individual according to His will. All this planned and prepared for you so that when you made your entry to Planet Earth your full equipment was ready so that you could abide in Christ, be filled with the Spirit and realize the Life of Jesus being reproduced in you. Why? Because during your life there will be specific people, particular situations where God wants to work through you. What about the regular circumstances of daily life? That’s where the stress-buster comes in.

I am not talking about a careless, fatalistic ”whatever will be will be” philosophy. I’m talking about “in the fullness of time” attitude. For example - - let’s say you are praying for something you know is in God’s will but you have prayed for so long it seems pointless.

It’s not! Don’t stop! Keep praying!

You have no idea of all God will accomplish and all whom He will impact before “the fullness of time” arrives. Never stop asking – seeking – knocking and when “the fullness of time” brings the answer - - WOW!!!

With a growing desire to increasingly love, trust and obey the Lord and with an “in the fullness of time” mind-set - - can you see how stress trembles and dissipates before such a formidable weapon? You have the unfailing love and unending Presence of the Holy One Who has endless wisdom and boundless power.

Let God be God in you. Let God be God in your circumstances – every circumstance, big or small. Be sure to discuss all your circumstances fully and freely with the Lord and then leave it to Him. You’ll never find a more effective stress-buster. The flag of joy flies over the castle when the KING is on the throne.

Oh, the manifold Wisdom, the manifold love, the manifold Grace of our God. Who can even begin to fathom it? Precious intimate times with Lord come as we meditate on Him.

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