The change room

A Christian is never available to attend a funeral service being celebrated in his memory.

For us who are truly born again, the grave is just a change room where our dull old clothes will be discarded.  This will happen without us because we won’t be there.  Before our old clothes reach the change room we will (2 Corinthians 5:8) already be in heaven.  One moment (Luke 23:42-43) a dying thief, the next moment a vibrant resident of Paradise.  At the time of (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17) the Rapture, all believers, whether already in heaven or still on Planet Earth, will receive our magnificent new garments.  We will be clothed with radiant immortality (Philippians 3:21) our glorified celestial bodies.  If you are a Christian, you have no need to fear the grave because you will never be in one.  A Christian is never available to attend a funeral service being celebrated in his memory.  After the service they’ll drop off your old clothes for you in the change room but no one can ever bury a Christian.  If you are a Christian, you have no need to fear death because (John 11:26) you will never die.  Death reigned for a time but (Romans 5:14,17) by God’s free gift of grace, now we reign in eternal Life.  By His Resurrection Jesus pulled (1 Corinthians 15:26) the stinger out of death, brought life (2 Timothy 1:16) and immortality to light and transformed death (Philippians 1:21) into gain.

Now that we know our future wardrobe is taken care of, we need to realize the significance of our meanwhile.  What is that significance?  The greatest significance in our lives is the supreme Lordship of Jesus Christ.  He is (Colossians 1:15-17) the Sovereign Creator and Ruler of everything.  Everything He has created is sustained and held together by Him.  Nothing happens anywhere of which He is not aware because He is the One Who sent or permitted it.  Does our lifestyle reveal (Colossians 2:6) that we acknowledge and embrace His right to control every aspect and detail of our lives?  Or do we ourselves determine our decisions, choices, plans, trips, purchases, financial matters, etc.?  In every aspect that we do not seek and submit to God’s guidance, we are living in rebellion against God.  Some decisions are very critical, some can never be reversed and there are always consequences, which can be joyous or very bitter – depending on who is in control.  Wherever we shut God out, we invite trouble in.

(Dr.C. Stanley) “If we have a clean heart, we’ll have a clean mind.  Sin is to the brain what fog is to the highway.”  Sin obliterates sound judgment and clear direction.  But, if we (Psalms 25:12) have reverent awe of God, acknowledge His sovereign right to control every aspect and detail of our lives, and patiently seek His will and guidance.  He will teach us the way that we should choose.  He will not leave us in a dither because He always knows the best way and the best time, so (Psalms 37:7) wait patiently for the Lord.

We need to spend time in God’s Word so that He can (Psalms 119:66) teach us good judgment.  The Bible is not just an information Book (2 Timothy 3:16) it throbs with the Life, the very breath and power of the eternal God.  I think this is something very worthwhile for us to consider.  By our love, trust and obedience we can bring joy to the heart of our precious Lord Jesus and actually increase His satisfaction in all that He suffered on our behalf in (Isaiah 53:11) the travail of His soul.  Does this thought make you, as it does me, somewhat stunned just now?  See the holiness, beauty and mystery which adorn Jesus.  See Jesus in (Isaiah 53), then see this very same Jesus in (Revelation 19).  Oh, come with me and let us worship our Lord Jesus (1 Chronicles 16:29, Psalms 96:9) in the beauty of His holiness and entreat Him that (Psalms 90:17) His holy beauty would be upon us.  All the time, everywhere, in everything – Jesus in me and I am highly privileged to be His humble suit of clothes.  This is kingdom living (Luke 17:21) because the King Himself is within.  Beware – take care – don’t rob yourself – don’t let what should be pulsating heart reality, diminish into more head knowledge.

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