The Great I Am

That morning it touched me more deeply than ever before (Judges 6:11-34). It was almost as if I could see Jesus sitting under the oak tree. Then He went into the winepress where terrified Gideon was trying to hide wheat from Israel's enemies. Frightened Gideon had another shock when the Lord called him a mighty man of fearless courage. This encounter of Jesus with Gideon stayed in my thoughts and I was thrilled as I meditated and discussed it with the Lord. It was almost as if I'd been there. As I spoke to the Lord about it, I experienced something I'd never felt before. It seemed like I was talking about something that had just happened -- as if there was almost no time between Gideon's encounter with Jesus and my talking to God about it. Of course for the Eternal God a few thousand years is hardly a blip but this was something entirely new for me.

For us the key is "Fear not - I AM;" not was, not will be but AM -- always present, always sufficient, always NOW. During that time with God, He gave me a special thought -- no matter the difficulties, problems, upsets, I can live in the luxury of the GREAT I AM. When God whispers to me, "I AM," my response should be, "YOU ARE and that's all I need to know." In 6:34 the Holy Spirit clothed Gideon with Himself for that situation. Now He permanently indwells and clothes Himself with us! We are surrounded and indwelt by the ALMIGHTY I AM.

Let us learn to live in the constant security and luxury of the GREAT I AM. As the difficulties increase I have to constantly remind myself that everything in life is God's gift to me, all working together in His glorious purpose to restore me to the Divine image.

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