The Holy Spirit and the flesh

What a travesty to rob ourselves of the priceless, surpassing sweetness of intimacy with Jesus.

Many of us have or have had difficulty in grasping the experiential reality of this spiritual truth.  Comprehension is not achieved by human intellect or by the best possible education.  It is not like learning the multiplication tables, which can be forgotten.  Understanding can never be achieved, it can only be received from the Holy Spirit as He illuminates the eyes (Ephesians 1:18) of my heart with spiritual insight far beyond natural understanding, because it relates to my new self, the self I now am as a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17) in Christ Jesus.  Take time to think through these words in fellowship with the Holy Spirit.  (He is so loving, patient, gentle and kind.)  Jesus is (Colossians 3:4) my Life and the indwelling Holy Spirit is (Romans 8:2) the spirit of the Life which is in Christ Jesus.  The law of the Holy Spirit is the law for the new creation, new beginning, new Life.  This new law frees me from the old failing law (Romans 8:3) which attempted to control the natural man.  Christ did what the law could not do and fulfilled in us (Romans 8:4) all the righteous requirements of the law.

When Mary obeyed God by receiving God’s message (Luke 1:38, Luke 1:45), instantly through the Holy Spirit, Jesus, the Son of God, began the formation of His Person in her womb.  Jesus grew from infancy into childhood and on to become an adult Man.

When I obeyed God by believing, instantly Jesus was born in the womb of my heart by the Holy Spirit, Who sealed me for all eternity as God’s own child.  That was the beginning of the incarnate Life of Jesus in me.  Through the process of sanctification, I go on from that beginning and my Life grows (Colossians 1:28, James 1:4) toward maturity.

The flesh is the human nature without God.  We can foolishly choose to live in the flesh (Galatians 5:16) according to the dictates and cravings and we will starve the Life of the Son of God in us.  But if we live in the Spirit, we are subject to Him and controlled by Him.  Then we will not gratify the impulses and cravings of the flesh.  We will have the self-control which comes from the control of the Holy Spirit.  If you are allowing the Holy Spirit to reproduce the Life of Jesus in you, Satan will not tempt you with anything base or sordid.  Your temptations will be on a higher level because they are meant for the Life of the Son of God in you.  Satan did not tempt Jesus to abandon His goals but to achieve them in an easier way by avoiding the Cross.  Every temptation yielded to is a partnership with Satan.  If you have a heart to serve the Lord, Satan will tempt you to be so busy with good works and meeting needs, that you will be too exhausted for prayer and meditation in God’s Word.  Satan is a master at using the good things to keep us from the best things.  In that case the good things become sin.

Jesus needed to spend nights alone in prayer with His Father, so that He would be effective in His public ministry.  The most important thing in our lives is an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus Christ.  Never sacrifice that relationship for the good things which are the enemies of that priceless best thing.

Jesus did not have a life of convenience and comfort, but He never had an interruption, hindrance, obstacle, frustration or even a trace of resentment and He had no personal rights.  He was here to do His Father’s business and obey His Father’s will.  Whatever the difficulty, whatever the situation, whatever the circumstances, He took everything from the Father’s hand and remembering why He was here, He used each and every one of them as an opportunity to reveal the Father.  He is the visible representation (Colossians 1:15) of the invisible God.  I’m praying that I will use those very same things, while remembering (Acts 1:8) why I’m here and by every word, attitude and deed reveal Jesus.  I could never generate this but (Oswald Chambers) “by the grace of God, Jesus can put within me a disposition like His own.”  I must surrender to Him all my rights so that, as His servant, I will be always ready 24/7 to obey Him promptly, gladly, without question.  The most essential thing in my life from God’s viewpoint is (Oswald Chambers) “my union with Jesus Christ and nothing between.”

Jesus didn’t berate Peter for past failure (John 21:15) or prod him about what he was going to accomplish in the future.  He simply asked him, “Do you love Me?”  If we listen, we will hear Him ask us the same question.  Do we take time to tell Jesus that our hearts are burning with love for Him, our admiration for Him overwhelms us and our awe and gratitude are beyond our words???  Of course, if we don’t know Him very well, none of that would be true. What a travesty to rob ourselves of the priceless, surpassing sweetness of intimacy with Jesus.

Just think of all our high and holy privileges, such as - - the Holy of Holies where our new-creation-self lives (Ephesians 2:6) with Christ at the Father’s right hand this is just one of so many.  Do we ever invest the time to ponder the tremendous cost of our spiritual privileges, benefits and blessings? We can so easily say (2 Corinthians 5:21) that Jesus was made sin for us but if those words come easily and without gratitude and worship, there is something very wrong.  I’m asking the Lord to take me deeper into the vivid reality of the horrendous cost and the limitless scope of the atonement.  Why did the Father and the Holy Spirit totally abandon Jesus, leaving Him completely and utterly alone?  We heard (Mark 15:34) His agonized scream, “My God, why?”  Because Jesus had taken all our sin on Himself, it was necessary for Him to incur in His Person all that occurred in Adam, so He descended into Hell.  What is hell?  It is spiritual death which means total isolation from God, His Presence and everything pertaining to holy God and being removed forever from everything good and enjoyable.  It is the eternal landing zone for always wanting, always lusting and never getting.  It is eternal torment and with no relief, no hope, no end.

This is what awaits every individual who chooses to reject salvation through Jesus Christ and thereby refuses resurrection which would have lifted them into glorious eternal life.  Instead, they will experience (Isaiah 66:24, Mark 9:48) the full fury of hell and the unrelenting torment of memories.  Their lust will be a raging fire which mocks them because there can never be any satisfaction.  They will never see a glimmer of light and the only sound they will ever hear will be their own screams of agony.  This is hell, this is spiritual death.  Jesus was still physically alive on the Cross when He died spiritually.  BUT – He conquered, spiritual Life returned and he could (Luke 23-46) call God FATHER again.  Then, after He had fulfilled completely the purpose for which He came, He was ready to die physically.  The only possibility for Him was Resurrection from the dead because it was not possible (Psalms 16:10, Acts 13:35) for death to hold Him.  Why not?  He had victoriously conquered death, the devil, the flesh and the world.  If we fully (Proverbs 3:5-6) trust in the Lord with (Psalms 37:3-4) patient assurance, we will not find life daunting and arduous like climbing Mount Everest.  Our lives will be filled with the peaceful confidence (Hebrews 4:10) of Mount Ever-Rest. 

Jesus I am resting, resting in the joy of what Thou art,

I am finding out the greatness of Thy loving heart

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