The second person of the Holy Trinity owned everything but he bought a new suit

One night in Bethlehem, many years ago, God the Son deliberately laid aside His Divine attributes and bought a new suit.  It was very expensive.  It cost Him (JN.17:5) all the transcendent glory He had with the Father before the world existed.  His new suit was a human body, the human body of the MAN Who would be called Jesus.  That suit was absolutely essential to the purpose for which He came.  His purpose was - - to die!

We already know many things about His earthly life so we’ll make our way to Gethsemane.  We see Jesus denied and deserted by His friends and totally abandoned by God, prostrated with anguish and now being arrested with not one word of protest.  Of the six trials of Jesus, the first three broke every Jewish law concerning trials.  It was at night, Jesus had no defence lawyer, Annas and Caiaphas interrogated Him directly and the Sanhedrin made an immediate decision.

Pilate knew (MRK.15:10, 15) that it was because of envy the religious leaders brought Jesus before him but to please the people he delivered Him to be scourged and crucified.

I am writing this because of a conversation I had with the Holy Spirit.  I was talking to Him about (2COR.5:19) God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself.  I asked Him to take me deeper into the truth and then thoughts, verses, history dropped into my mind.  I followed the painful path Jesus had to take and I was filled with sorrow and tears at what happened to the God-Man because He was wearing that new suit.  Bear with me – I want to tie all this in with a quote from Oswald Chambers and I’ll get there later.

Now we are in the torture room where scourging is done.  That naked MAN bent over a knee-high post with His ankles shackled to one side of the post and His wrists to the other side, is the One Who created the stars.  (Let it sink in).  The Roman soldier who did the scourging was a very strong professional.  He stood about 6 feet from the victim with his legs spread apart.  As you know, the flagellant had many straps with broken glass, sharp bones or metal at the end of each one.  Roman soldiers called scourging the half-death because many victims went mad or died under the lash.

He would bring the whip down first at the rib cage, then higher, then lower and finally just continual lashing with no limit to how many times.  The body of Jesus would be in spasms because of shock and His teeth would be chattering.  The flesh was shredded and torn, internal organs were damaged and exposed and blood flowed not only from His body but from every opening in His face and head.  Then came the mocking, the spitting, the crown of 3 1/2 inch thorns forced on His head causing copious blood flow, the beating and the filthy jests of vile, base-minded soldiers.  I cannot understand how Jesus is still able to stand.

He carries the cross-beam on His shoulder to Golgotha.  He is knocked down and as He falls the cross-beam is shoved behind His neck.  Nothing is hidden.  All crucifixions were made public as a warning to would-be criminals.  You know about two soldiers on each side of Him – one to hold the arm flat on the beam and the other to find the right spot on the wrist to hammer in the five inch nails.

When the cross-beam, with Jesus hanging by His nailed hands, was lifted into position on the upright pole, the feet were nailed, the right foot over the left and to get the right position so the feet were above the ground, they had to bend the knees.  Then Jesus would have to push Himself up by pressing His feet on the nails to take a breath or speak.  Amazingly, Jesus was conscious and lucid through it all.  When a person being crucified could no longer push themselves up to breathe, they died of suffocation but until then their body writhed constantly on the cross.

What was that new suit body of Jesus used for?  Who Himself bore our sins (1PTR.2:24) in His own body on the tree.  One of the things Jesus said on the cross was – It is finished.  How did He know it was finished?  Because as soon as it was finished the Father and the Holy Spirit rushed back in all their love, power, comfort and joy to indwell Jesus and never leave Him again.  In Gethsemane the Father called Jesus SIN but in His death and burial God called Him (PS.16:10) His HOLY ONE.  It was completely finished and Jesus was completely Victor.

But there’s more.  Jesus bought a new suit for every believer - - (PHLP.3:21) He shall change our vile body so that it might be fashioned like unto His glorious body (1COR.15:42-44).  A mystery - - the MAN Christ Jesus never stopped being GOD!  Do I even begin to grasp – to live in – to treasure the mystery that (JN.3:16) God SO LOVED the world ! ? ! ?

 My personal concern through all of this is because of the QUOTE from Oswald Chambers.

“I know all through me that I am not worthy even to bear His Shoes.  Have I repented like that?  Repentance brings a sense of utter unworthiness.”

I do truly know that I am unworthy but do I grasp the full depth of my unworthiness and is my repentance all it needs to be in order that my knowledge of my total unworthiness makes me recognize, hate and reject absolutely the slightest indication of any vestige of pride?  I know I cannot work this up of myself and I’m trusting the Lord to do in me what only He can do.  I’ll wrap this up with a couple of lines written centuries ago in a beautiful hymn:

First Line – 

O Sacred Head now wounded with grief and shame weighed down

Last Line of 3rd Verse

Lord, let me never, never out-live my love to Thee

NOW – resplendent in His glory – having all power (MAT.28:18) in heaven and in earth – He is (REV.17:14) LORD of lords and KING of kings.

HA L L E L U J A H !

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