The yoke equals rest - really?

Jesus said (MAT.11:29) Take My yoke and learn of Me and you will find rest. Nice sentimental thought for a dreamy soul, don’t you think?

Is that all there is in these Living Words spoken by the Living Truth Himself? Let’s go mining - - let’s dig deep into these words and search for hidden treasures to enrich our lives.

Picture in your mind a yoke. I have seen oxen wearing a yoke and two things were immediately obvious. There were two oxen so they were not alone; they had a companion as long as they wore the yoke. Also they were being led in the right path.

Consider the Words of Jesus again. Did He say - - take a yoke? No, He said - - take My yoke.

Did He say - - I will force My yoke upon you? No, He said - - TAKE My yoke. We have a God-given free will and the power to make our own choice. This offer is not for those who reduce salvation to fire insurance and hope to scrape into Heaven by the skin of their teeth. This wonderful offer is for those of us who haven’t found that perfect rest. Often we find ourselves in that place (RO.7:18-19) where Paul was at one time. Think about who it was that Jesus invited (MAT.11:28) to come to Him. The weary and heavy-hearted ones. Why would we feel that way? Could it be because we are still in RO.7 - - doing what we don’t want to do and not doing what we want to do? That would make any sincere Christian weary and heart-sick of himself. In addition to fully understanding our discouragement and in addition to His loving invitation, the Lord Jesus prescribes the remedy - - TAKE MY YOKE. I’m not only willing but longing – so how do I go about it? I’ve had several long conversations with the Holy Spirit about this.

He is so wonderfully patient. Let’s go where Paul says (RO.6:6) We are crucified with Christ (that is our position) and this was so that the body of sin might be destroyed. This has also been called the disposition of sin. If I decide before God that the disposition of sin in me must be crucified, then I must be prepared to let the Holy Spirit search me until He reveals that thing in me that lusts against the Spirit of God (GAL.5:17).

Now, I tell the Lord I want to take His yoke. My part is to co-operate with the Holy Spirit by instant obedience in everything He says. No matter what happens there must be no whining or complaining from me. But I don’t know if - - - TRUST HIM.

That person really gets on my nerves - - - Let the love and patience of God be revealed through me and thank the Lord for His grace that I don’t get on His nerves. (That truly is amazing).

That group/family/whatever is a continual annoyance - - - Compare the spiritual riches and resources I have in comparison and cultivate a thankful and loving heart. Gratitude crowds out grumbling.

At the first sign of temptation -- - thought – attitude – word – deed, I need to see the big red STOP sign. If I pause there and agree with God’s verdict on sin, then I can celebrate with Him the joy of His victory. I cannot allow a relapse of my spiritual concentration simply trusting and obeying with no complaining because God is in charge. Just picture walking side by side in close companionship under the yoke with Jesus. He is so committed to you He has a special burden he wants to share with you. How precious is the fellowship as He tells you His plan for the burden you share with the Creator of the universe. You begin to feel His heart beat and gradually it becomes your heart beat too. This is privilege beyond price.

Are you interested in “Inspired Invincibility”? I am thankful for a God-given desire to continue on this path. The line-up for yokes is in the prayer room, found within the Throne Room.

Oswald Chambers said - -

“No power on earth or in hell can conquer the Spirit of God in a human spirit. It is an inner unconquerableness.”

How much we can miss of all that the Lord Jesus purchased and provided for us by our own foolishness and temporal priorities.

Jesus I am resting, resting in the joy of what Thou art, I am finding out the greatness of Thy loving heart.

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