Unutterable beauty

My thoughts took an unusual turn this morning. I found myself thinking about Lucifer having more beauty and wisdom than any other created being. Then my mind asked me a question. How could God make a creature of such magnificent beauty if He Himself was not unutterably beautiful? I had to spend several minutes there but my thoughts forced me on. How could God put such sweetness in a baby’s smile if He Himself did not have surpassing sweetness? I know He does and my eyes are leaking because I know this SWEETNESS every day when I come to Him for my morning hug.

How could we see such wisdom and planning and detail in creation if He was not Himself the very Source of all true wisdom. Terrifying dinosaurs – cicadas which spend 17 years buried in the ground and then emerge for one brief summer’ sunshine – a mother bird who will roast to death rather than leave her nest of eggs – a beautiful butterfly whose powdery wing covering is actually feathers and it used to be a caterpillar but now it soars. What a picture of our redemption!

There is no ending to the discovery of God’s wisdom displayed all around us. Much more of His wisdom in His promise (EPH.3:10) that through the Church, God will manifest His manifold wisdom to the principalities and powers.

How could the laws of nature be ordained if the God Who set them up did not have boundless power? He created a globe to float in space - - He sits (ISA.40:22) on the circle of the earth and (JOB.26:7) hangs the earth on nothing. Because of the laws of nature this world experiences sunshine - gentle breezes – hurricanes – typhoons – earthquakes - forest fires – terrifying storms. (JN.6:19) but He could suspend those laws of nature when He wanted to walk on the sea.

God created seeds for wheat, barley and other grains. He ordained that they should be planted – grow – be harvested and sent for milling. But He can suspend the laws of nature when He wants to use a little boy’s lunch to feed (MRK.6:39-44) thousands. A seed which doesn’t appear to be worth looking at produces such loveliness in fragrance and colour. I’m far out of my depth when I consider atoms. It’s beyond my understanding how minute particles have all the properties of the elements.

How could God set up just law and order for righteous government if He was not absolutely just and absolutely righteous Himself. In fact there can be no justice and no righteousness apart from Him.

He is (ACTS.3:14) the Holy One and the Just

He is (PS.145:17) righteous in all His ways and holy in all his works

He is (RO.3:26) righteous just and the only Justifier

He is (1JN.1:9) just and faithful in His Justice

I Am the Lord (ISA.45:21) and there is no god beside Me, a just God and a Saviour. There is none beside Me.

These few of His many attributes fill us with wonder and worship. But right now I am compelled by His beauty and I am truly longing to see Jesus. I’m sure you remember that chorus.


We shall see Jesus just as they saw Him

There is no greater promise than this

We shall behold Him in His power and glory

We shall see Jesus just as He is


Can we imagine at all what it will be like when we “look full in His wonderful face”. The joy – the awe – the wonder – the worship – the gratitude – the adoration. This promise is as sure as God Himself. We will actually, truly see Jesus and be with Him forever. Until then I want to keep drinking in His beauty.

A line from one of my favourite hymns speaks of God’s endless wisdom, boundless power and awful purity - - and I am compelled to add HIS unutterable, surpassing BEAUTY.

Back in the 1800`s Charles Spurgeon said –

“Wash your faith every morning in a bath of praise”.

We have more than ample reason to do that, don’t we?

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