Weed or diamond? Garbage or gold?

Which are you? Which am I?

Let me think about that. If I am always putting myself down, with envious admiration for believers who “do things”, all the while cluttering up the Christian landscape with self-pity for my inadequacy - - what am I actually doing? Since my concentration would be always on myself, wouldn’t that be a form of self-protection, deceitful pride and idolatry? Help! I have to get out of here - - I have to think this through.

I am thinking about the difference between weed – garbage and diamonds – gold. Nobody pays for weeds – we pay for their removal. Nobody pays for garbage – we pay to have it taken away.

So the difference must be in value but how is value determined? Obviously by the cost. Many men risk their lives and some lose their lives as they descend into treacherous mines with a feverish desire to unearth amazing treasures. In addition to that, it takes millions of years for coal to become diamonds, so there is the huge expense of research, planning, specialized equipment, etc.

Now I’m trying to fathom all that it cost God for me. Jesus did not take up His cross for the first time at calvary - - He took up His cross daily. Through His earthly life – ridicule, mocking, abuse, attempted murder. Gethsemane – agonizing stress, demonic taunting, desertion. Calvary – added brutalities compared to routine crucifixion, Peter’s open denial and the scheaming mob fueled by the hell-fire of the religious leaders. This doesn’t begin to cover what it cost God to give me eternal value. Was that cost just so I could whine helplessly and somehow get to Heaven when I die? Am I squandering my value by not grasping God’s purpose in His stupendous cost for me?

Ethel Waters the beloved singer was a child born of rape. She spoke in utmost wisdom when she said,

“God don’t make no junk”

Now let me consider the facts. Jesus said (JN.5:30) that He could do nothing. Is that what He said? No, He said of Himself He could do nothing. Does that mean He couldn’t lace His sandals or make a sandwich? Joseph was a carpenter (meaning builder); he worked with wood, stone and metal. As the eldest son, Jesus learned and was skilled in that trade. When Joseph died, Jesus was the support of the family. So – what did He mean about his ability to do nothing?

When Jesus sat on Jacob’s well because He was tired (JN.4:7), would He ignore a lonely, shunned woman because He could do nothing?

When blind Bartemaeus called on Jesus for mercy (MK:10:47) knowing that Bartemaeus could not see Him, did Jesus slip away quietly into the crowd because He could do nothing? Of course not! What foolish questions! But wait – are they foolish or do they need solid answers? Before I delve into the answer, let me consider what another man said. How could a former Christ-hating, Christian persecutor say (PHL.4:13) I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me - ?- Remove those two words THROUGH CHRIST and Paul could do no more than I can. Am I beginning to get it?

In His humanity Jesus could accomplish nothing of eternal value. He simply let the indwelling God be the God that He was in the obedient, surrendered Man that Jesus was by the power of the Holy spirit.

What about Saul/Paul a redeemed sinner who claimed the ability to do all things - ? -. He now shared the Life of the indwelling Christ and he let HIM be what He was in the obedient, surrendered man that Paul was, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Isn’t that the same for me? I am redeemed by the precious Blood and sealed by the Holy Spirit, indwelt by the Lord Jesus, share His resurrection Life (GAL.2:20) and am a partaker of the Divine Nature (2PTR.1:4)

Am I still hanging on to that old chestnut (But it was different for Jesus) -?-. Was it? Don’t I know that Jesus never did even one miracle -?-. What!!! Jesus of Nazareth (ACTS2:22) a Man approved unto God by signs and miracles WHICH GOD DID by Him. Why did God? Because Jesus let Him! Will I cancel the focus on myself and let Jesus be Himself in and through me? What will He do? Already taken care of (EPH.2:10) good works already prepared by God. If Jesus gave me even one command that He did not enable me to fulfill, He would be a liar.

Discovering each day my place in God’s plan,

Each day realizing I can’t but HE CAN.

Every new day fresh excitement I see,

Of living in Christ and Christ living through me.

Lord Jesus, You never said I could

But You always said You would

Lord live Your Life in me,

All fullness dwells in Thee;

Not I but Christ in me.


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