What about all those "little" sins?

Yes, what about those almost unnoticeable, seemingly insignificant sins?

As I was getting up one morning in the very act of getting out of bed – the Holy Spirit brought a thought to my mind which really gripped me. The smallest – slightest – seemingly insignificant SIN is just as evil as the most vile sin. Not because of the deed itself but because of my CHOICE. Choosing the natural over the supernatural and choosing the flesh over the Holy Spirit.

Jesus told us the consequences (LK.12:8-9) of confessing or denying Him. No matter the size or degree of the sin – if I refuse to sacrifice the natural and allow the Lord to make the supernatural natural within me – if I refuse to crucify the flesh but allow it to dictate my choices - - would that not be denying Jesus? It certainly would not be confessing Him! Actually, as I ponder and meditate, I’m beginning to see it as red-handed rebellion against God. Do I let little things about me – some little things – just a few little things – tell lies about Jesus? God did not say (SNG of SOL.2:15) a bulldozer destroys the vine but the “little” foxes.... Get it? Sometimes “little” equals destruction.

My thoughts tied all this in with something from Oswald Chambers on (1THES.5:23) – I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless.

“Cleansing from sin is to the very heights and depths of our spirit if we will keep in the light as God is in the light and the very same spirit that fed the life of Jesus Christ will feed the life of our spirits. It is only when we are garrisoned by God with the stupendous sanctity of the Holy Spirit, that spirit, soul and body are preserved in unspotted integrity, underserving of censure in God’s sight until Jesus comes”.

In another message Oswald Chambers has said that if I truly give up my right to myself - - I will identify myself entirely with God’s interest in others.

Those words (the Holy Spirit will feed the life of our spirits) began to take root and expand in my mind. I want to trace the steps along the path from when I was born again.

But first, we know that the human body must be fed in order that physical life will continue right through from birth until death. Even as we get older and become increasingly aware that (2COR.4:16) our bodies are progressively decaying and wasting away, those bodies still need to be fed to maintain life.

Now – when I received Jesus Christ as my Saviour, the Holy Spirit was restored to my human spirit and instantly I was spiritually alive. But that’s just the beginning of eternal life. For the ongoing process of sanctification the life of my spirit must be fed. What is the food the Holy Spirit will use? Jesus said (JN.6:63) The Words I speak are spirit and life and it is the Spirit Who quickens. He will (JN.16:13-15) testify of Me. He will (JN.16:14) take of Mine and reveal it to you. Jesus told us plainly (JN.6:35)I AM the BREAD OF LIFE. So if I want my spiritual life to grow – all I need is more of Jesus. And the Holy Spirit is willing, ready and able to lead me into deepening intimacy with Jesus. He is our patient and loving Teacher and Guide. First He enlightens me to know, then He teaches me to begin to care and hunger (MAT.5:6) for righteousness then He fills me with longing to be (EPH.3:19) filled with the fullness of God.

We need to spend time in God’s Word. To really dig into the Scriptures to let (COL.3:16) the Word of Christ dwell in us richly.

Can we grasp the vast scope of God’s plan and purpose for us? Even as we decline physically – and even more so as we do – we can exult in praise to God for increasingly robust and vibrant spiritual health.

In my desire to continue in this way – what am I searching for – what am I seeking – what path will I take?

I have chosen a path that has guideposts and these are my guideposts.

PRV.8:17 – I know them that love Me and those that seek me early shall find Me.

JER.29:13-14 – You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart. And I will be found of you, saith the Lord.

DEUT.4:29 – You shall seek the Lord and find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and soul.

ISA.55:6 – Seek the Lord while He may be found – call upon Him while He is near.

For myself, I’m seeing my chosen guidepost as an umbrella of protection and wisdom to guard all my free-will choices. How? Well, just think about it. If I truly seek the Lord with ALL my heart, I will not be inclined to choose anything I think – say – do- watch – listen to – participate in, etc. – be an interference or distraction to my seeking. When temptation attacks, which could – I’ll put my umbrella up!

Also, I realize that this path does not come to an abrupt end where suddenly I have arrived. There will be no such end in my lifetime. It is a continuing highway. As I continue to seek and to find, in dependence on the Holy Spirit, Jesus becomes increasingly more precious until I am filled – thrilled – overwhelmed, enthralled – with the surpassing sweetness and (EPH.1:17) greatness of knowing HIM with ever-increasing knowledge (PHLP.3:8) of Him.

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