What is so great about the bible anyway? How does it differ from any great book?

There are wonderful history books that tell us of ancient facts, such as - - world empires – Assyeria – Egypt – Babylon – Medo-Persia – Greece – Rome. They can describe for us the tombs of the pharaohs and the pyramids of Egypt – the hanging gardens of Babylon – the enduring roads built by Romans – terrible wars and brilliant military leaders - - and much more - - BUT - - they cannot tell us the meaning of life or why we are here.

There are fascinating science books that tell us of - - billions of stars and galaxies beyond our galaxy - - chemicals in snow which fertilize the earth - - a caterpillar being transformed into a butterfly - - physics and gravity and aero-dynamics and atoms - - and much more - - BUT - - they cannot tell us how to prepare for death or what follows death.

Every thinking person has many questions and there are numerous legitimate questions. The Bible has the answer to every question you will ever ask. Here are just a few of the many subjects for which the Bible gives answers. GOD – the meaning of life and why we are here – marriage - singleness – family – child-rearing – employment – work ethics – neighbours – poverty – prosperity – law and order – justice – race relationships – war – salvation – death – judgment – eternity - - and all other questions you may have.

Apart from blind faith, is there any way to know for sure that the Bible is true and totally dependable? OF COURSE – DEFINITELY – ABSOLUTELY!!!!

Think about this. Hundreds of years before Jesus was born, hundreds of prophecies concerning the coming One Whom God would send were declared by the prophets. Everyone was fulfilled in the Person of Jesus Christ.

Not one missed – not one error – not one incomplete. The probability factor of this being exact is beyond astronomical, beyond calculation. Let me list a few of these old time prophecies and their years before Jesus;

MIC. 5:2 – 500 years – His birthplace

ISA. 7:14 – 700 – 900 years – His virgin birth

ISA. 9:6 – 700 – 900 years – His Deity clothed with Humanity

ZEC. 9:9 – 500 years – His first Coming

DAN.9:26 – His first coming would be in the first century AD

ISA. 61 – 700 – 900 years - Miracles He would perform

ISA. 53 – 700 – 900 years – He would be the sin-bearer and Passover Lamb

PS. 22 – 1000 years - He would be crucified. The Jews used stoning as a death penalty. Crucifixion was a Phoenician method, later adopted by Rome. Yet it was foretold 1000 years in advance

PS. 16:10 – 1000 years – His resurrection from the dead

ZEC. 12:10,14 – 500 years – His second Coming

PS. 2 – 1000 years – His eternal kingdom

Is there more? Yes, much more than I can even begin to cover in this format or even know so far. Search the Scriptures and you will continually discover more reassuring treasures.

However, there is one more thing I’d like to tell you because it never fails to thrill me when I open the holy Scriptures. Remember when God created Adam (GEN.2:7) God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and Adam was immediately alive. Now, try this - - hold your breath and try to speak while still holding your breath. Impossible! When God spoke His Word, His very breath was in those Words. Just as Adam was alive with the breath of God, the Words God spoke are alive with the eternal breath of the living God.

Do you realize what you hold in your hand when you pick up your Bible? Not the paper pages, not the printing but the WORDS - - they are LIVING WORDS. That is why the Bible is not like any other book. Jesus the One Who fulfilled all the prophesies said, (MK.13:31) My Words shall not pass away.

Let us ask the wonderful loving Holy Spirit to turn the lights on for us as we read and study and search for the beautiful jewels and gold nuggets waiting for us in the eternal Treasure Chest we call a Bible.

Christian! You cannot grow in the Christian Life without regular reading of God’s Word. What is the Christian Life? It is the outliving of the indwelling, victorious risen Lord. Jesus died for us in order to give Himself to us and work in us and live His Resurrection Life through us.

It is a super-natural Life - - the very Life of God. As we surrender and learn and grow, we are changed from glory to glory (2COR.3:18) becoming more and more like Jesus.

Christian! You neglect your Bible to your own great loss. You neglect your Bible to your peril. Anything that keeps me from the Bible is my enemy and does injury to my soul.

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