When a Christian dies

I was with my husband Al, when he died and my thoughts are based on:
Psalms 139:16 – All the days of my life were written in your book before I existed.
Ecclesiastes 3:2 – There is a time to die.
Luke 16:22 – The angels carried Lazarus into Abraham’s bosom/Paradise.
Before I tell you what I believe happened to Al, we need to check with Mark about 3 astonishing cases he reported.
(Make 5: 2-15) Driven by demons to live in misery among the tombs – screaming with anguish – cutting himself in the hope that physical pain would mask his inner torture. Hopeless case – he’ll probably kill himself – BUT (vs.6) when he saw Jesus – when he looked into that loving face – it wasn’t long until, for him, the earth slipped back into its orbit and (John 14:19) a living death was transformed into vibrant life.
(Mark 5:25:34) She was very ill - wouldn’t last long. She had no more money for doctors – they had taken all her money but never helped her. She’d heard about a MAN and one day she caught a glimpse of Him but He was thronged by many people. No chance – she’d never reach Him. Desperation drove her to try. She came up behind Him – forced her way through the crowd – touched His garment and tried to steal away. BUT He knew – He called her – she came trembling and knelt before Him. As she looked into His loving face, He called her “daughter”. She was not only healed – she was loved.
(Mark 5:39-43) She was dead – only 12 years old and her life was snuffed out. Her cold, still body was lying on her bed and her parents couldn’t cope with their grief. Then that MAN walked into the room and took her cold little hand in His big warm hand. He said – little girl – I say to you “ARISE”. She opened her eyes and looked into His loving face. Then she smiled, got up and went to have supper. She’s a pre-teen and needs food to maintain her excellent health. He cares (HB.4:15) I know He cares.
Now back to my last night with Al at Sunnybrook Veterans Hospital. A few minutes before he took his last breath, there were unseen angels in the room. They were waiting for a command from Heaven – when the Lord would say – It is time, bring Al home now. I believe that Al also heard those words. Instantly he opened his eyes and looked into the wonderful, beautiful, loving face of Jesus - - - the very same glorious face seen by the 3 in Mark’s report. We who are longing to see His face will one day see Him just as they saw Him.
If a precious loved one has died and you are filled with sadness – remember – when a loved one dies – nothing of God dies.
The Lord says to you and me (Exodus 3:14,33:14):
I AM and all I am – you have. You’ll never need more and you never have to make do with less!

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