When and then ... When then!!

Several things struck me with fresh impact as I read again the third chapter of Joshua.

(Joshau 3:11) The Lord of all the earth is passing over before you. THE LORD OF ALL THE EARTH; yet He was totally present with them, as He is with us.

(Joshau 3:10) The Living God is among you and He will surely drive out from before you. This miracle was not an end in itself but proof of ongoing victory.

When would the waters back off and allow them to cross over on dry ground? Would it have been helpful to convene a prayer meeting on the banks of the Jordan, perhaps prayer and fasting?

(Joshau 3:15-16) WHEN the feet of the priests were in the brink of the water, THEN the waters were wholly cut off.

Holding a prayer meeting on the shore would not only have been futile but sinful. Prayer cannot be a substitute for obedience. Am I praying, blaming God for not answering, while refusing to step out in faith? Am I continually badgering God with WHEN and ignoring His response of THEN?

It would not, could not, did not happen for Israel until their feet were in the Jordan. What is it that represents the Jordan for me? Will I step into the water and find that, in gracious condescension, the Lord of all the earth has turned a fearful crossing into a safe path which I can walk with Him in ongoing victory?

WHEN and THEN .... just another way of saying TRUST and OBEY!

With love and prayers,

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