When did grace begin?

What do we mean when we speak the word GRACE? Do we use it too glibly, too lightly? We all know the theological terminology: JUSTICE gives us what we deserve, MERCY does not give us what we deserve and GRACE gives us what we don’t deserve. That can roll neatly off the tongue but does it have a daily effect on our lives?
We say “Grace” before meals to thank God for food and ask His blessing. Has it become an almost mindless repetition of habit? Can we quote (Ephesians 2:8) – by Grace we are saved – without remembering Calvary?
What do we mean when we call this present time The Day of Grace? We know that a day has a beginning and an end. Did Grace have a beginning – will it end?
Did Grace begin with the birth of Jesus or was there Grace in the Old Testament? Actually, the Old Testament is rich with God’s Grace. Look for it when you read and see how desperately it was needed. Here is a couple of the numerous works of Grace. Noah (Genesis 6:8) found Grace in the eyes of the Lord. Was that a big deal? Try to picture yourself as one of the scoffers who mocked Noah and his warning for 120 years. You were too smart to fall for that and to believe in something you’d never seen. For 7 more days the offer was still extended but you walked away laughing at Noah’s stupidity. What’s that? Something is splashing on your head and water is creeping up your legs. You run to the ark and bloody your fists pounding on the door. Sad, sad that bitter wail - - almost- – but lost!
Can you imagine your horror, terror and remorse as relentless flood waters swept you away? After 40 days Noah could open a window which had been tightly shut and sealed. He only had the upper window so he did not hear your agonized screams or see your frantic thrashing - - yours and all the others who had thrown God’s Grace back in His face.
Think of all that God’s Grace had spared and protected Noah from.
We might think – what a miserable job to lead these ungrateful, complaining, rebellious people from Egypt to the Promised Land. Was it or should we look a little deeper. Moses said to the Lord (Exodus 33:12) You have told me to bring up this people but you haven’t told me how or who will help me. WOW - - talk about overwhelming! Hold your horses and see what follows. The Lord replied - - “I know you by name and you have found Grace in My sight”. Suddenly this miserable job looks different. Why? Because of Grace. Look back at vs.11 – The Lord spoke to Moses face to face as a man speaks to his friend. Can we imagine such fellowship with God and not long for such a relationship? The only possibility of that ever happening is by Grace.
The New Testament is rich with the word Grace and the incomprehensible treasures available to believers through Grace. When did Grace begin? Obviously before the Incarnation of Jesus, before Moses, before Noah –but when? Before the foundation of the world. Why back then? Because Jesus is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world (Revelation 13:8). Why would Grace be needed before the existence of anything as we know it?
Listen - - and join me as I try to sink down into the story of Grace. Away back then God already had a plan, a magnificent plan but a plan which would require more Grace than I can even begin to comprehend. God created humans in the full beauty of physical, mental and emotional perfection. He gave them wonderful minds, superb brain power and every conceivable ability and function. He also gifted them with a free will, the power of choice. Why did God do all this - - knowing that they (and we) would use every God-given faculty to sin against Him? Do you see why I cannot plumb the depth of Grace? Remember Moses and the fellowship he had with the Lord. That is what God desires with each one of us - - personal, loving fellowship. And God was willing to bear the tremendous cost of the Atonement of Grace in order to make that possible in spite of our flagrant disobedience.
Grace that is greater than ALL my sin.
Yes, the Day of Grace will end with the Rapture of the Church. No longer the Gospel of Grace but during the Tribulation it will be the Gospel of the Kingdom. No one who rejected God’s Grace prior to the Rapture will ever again have an opportunity for salvation God will send them a strong delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:10-11). God’s Grace is lavish and boundless but there are horrific and eternal consequences for rejecting it (Revelation 20:15).
I confess that I do not begin to fathom the awesome depths of the glorious Grace of Almighty God and yet I know for sure that I could not survive a single hour without His constant Grace. I am praying to learn and understand more (by His Grace, of course) and to dig deeper into the gold mine and discover the many facets of Divine Grace. I want my love, admiration and adoration of Jesus to grow continually and mingle with my worship of the GOD OF ALL GRACE in the beauty of holiness.
Grace to you and peace in the Lord Jesus Christ from God our Father.
We sing Amazing Grace but are we truly amazed by God’s amazing Grace?
God’s Grace is - -
- His full and lasting forgiveness
- total reinstatement to His favour
- free access to His inexhaustible blessings
- and best of all HIS UNFAILING PRESENCE
And all this prepared for us before we were created and ready for us before our deep need existed and ongoing through every moment of our lives.
We live in Grace on Planet Earth and Grace will lead us Home.
Oh, to GRACE how great a debtor daily I’m constrained to be.
Because I am a debtor to Grace I am also a debtor, not to my flesh (Romans 1:14, 8:12) but to make God’s Grace known to others.

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