Who owns me?

I have infinite security in the OWNERSHIP of the Master.

Just as I was beginning to pray for the Persecuted Church, these verses came to mind and brought an invasion of thoughts to me.  I am (1 Corinthians 6:19) not my own, a servant (Philippians 1:1) of Christ Jesus, a prisoner (Philemon 1:1).

If I am fully surrendered (Romans 12:1-2) to the Lord and Master Jesus Christ, I will have no control, no say, no input, no right regarding any and every detail, every aspect and every situation in my life.  Time, finances, health, material needs are all out of my control and I am not entitled to be consulted about anything.  All my rights are signed away and I have no say about anything.  Certainly the imprisoned suffering believers from the Persecuted Church have no say about their treatment and conditions and – because of them – Satan is a pawn in God’s hand as Jesus continues to build His Church.  If I am truly surrendered and totally God’s property, God can do whatever He chooses with what is His own and we know that His choice is always best and always in our best interest.

We often view (Dr. Stanley) “seeming interruptions as hindrances and obstacles (Luke 10:31-33) instead of discerning them as opportunities to obey the Lord by helping someone.”  Whether things seem to go right as I wish or not is not my business because I am not my own.  Definitely this does not mean that I can be careless or neglectful about anything.  I must be a wise and obedient steward of all that God has trusted to my stewardship.  I must be consistent with tithes and offerings, circumspect in the spending of time and money.  I must be prompt (Romans 13:8) in paying bills, I must not allow unhealthy eating habits in God’s temple, I must be faithful with prescribed prescriptions and whatever is designed for the well-being of God’s temple.  I must never waste or be careless or self-indulgent as a steward of God’s money.  I must set my mind (Colossians 3:2) to be the traffic controller over what enters into my thoughts and travels through my mind.  My body must be kept unsullied because (Oswald Chambers) (Romans 8:26) “it is the shrine where the Holy Spirit prays”.  The Holy Spirit will prompt me for every needed precaution.  The things we used to wish for will disappear like the morning mist as we are sheltered in the arms of God, close to His heart, and getting to know Him better than we ever dreamed possible.  The truth which the Holy Spirit gave me some time ago comes often to my mind - - - I have infinite security in the OWNERSHIP of the Master.

(Dr. Swindoll) reminded me of something I heard years ago, so join me in my time machine and we will travel back in time over 2000 years.  I’m sure you remember Barabbas.  Take another look at his name, Bar – Abbas – son of the father.  Back then Rabis were often called father.  So we know that Barabbas was the son of a Rabi.  It is believed that his given name was Jesus which was a common name in those days and was the same as Joshua.  He went far from his upbringing and became involved with a criminal element.  He was guilty of (Luke 23:25, John 18:40) riot, murder and robbery.  He was in the prison fortress waiting for his execution by crucifixion.  His cross was already prepared and was the centre one of three.  Who owned Barabbas?  Governor Pilate’s job was to put down any revolution or rebellion against Rome with brutal punishment.  He was already in trouble with Rome for having let something get out of control previously.  A riot by the people would put him in jeopardy.  Pilate knew that Jesus was innocent and that it was because of envy (Mark 15:10) the religious leaders had arrested Him and brought Him to be judged before Pilate.  Pilate had the facts but he did not have the character.  Who owned Pilate?

Pilate selected Barabbas who was the worst of criminals, possibly hoping this would let him off the hook if Jesus was chosen to be released.  He made the offer (Matthew 27:17) two or three times to the mob to choose which prisoner he should set free, Barabbas or Jesus.  Based on their screaming choice and his own weak character (Matthew 27:26) he set Barabbas free.  In the midst of the horror and vicious brutality we have to remember that (Acts 2:23) everything went according to the Sovereign plan, purpose and foreknowledge of God. On the cross intended for Barabbas, my Saviour died for me and made His cross the centre of time and eternity.  I can’t help wondering if freed Barabbas went to watch the crucifixion of the MAN Who died in his place and if he ever realized that Jesus had actually died for him.

If I can believe that everything that happened to Jesus was completely the fore-ordained will and plan of God, I should be able to believe the same about everything that happens in my life. It doesn’t take much of a look at the world around us to see that Cain still murders Abel and the world still chooses Barabbas over Jesus.

What is Pilate doing now?  Is he forever going through the motions of washing his hands in hell, where he can never get them clean and his torment will never end?

Who owns you?  Have you decided?

(Dr. Tozer) “It is knowing the beauty and holiness of the character of God that keeps us steadfast in faith”.

Early this morning I was going back to my apartment from the laundry.  As I was walking along the hall, the Holy Spirit gave me this supremely wise investment advice.  If I wrap myself in each day and confidently commit it to the Lord, it becomes His currency to spend in the way He chooses, which will always glorify Himself and spiritually enrich me.

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