Why did Jesus cry?

How are we handling our sovereign authority to make our own choices?

Come with me and we’ll follow Martha to her brother’s grave.  She wants to show Jesus where Lazarus is buried.  Jesus saw Mary and the mourners weeping (John 11:33-35) and He was troubled and deeply moved.  Did Jesus weep because Lazarus was dead?  No – He knew He would restore him to life.  Did He weep because in a few days He Himself would be crucified?  No – He came to die.  Then why? - - -

Let’s move ahead to the Great Tribulation and consider another aspect (Revelation 8:1) to our question.  Shush!  All heaven is silent before the heartbreak of Almighty God.  When LOVE and JUSTICE colide the collision is on the heart of God.  The multitudes of humans He created in His own image and loved – but now – because of their final chosen rejection of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ, He must pour out holy judgment upon them and His heart is full of pain.

We often wonder why and how people can reject Jesus, especially those who have heard the Gospel so often. Even after revealing Himself (Hebrews 1:1-2) in many ways most did not respond.  Then God sent His only Son and Jesus came unto His own (John 1:11) full of grace and truth but even His own did not receive Him.  Why do so many reject the revelation of God and the offer of salvation?  I think we have to go back to the beginning of humanity to trace the answer.

Take a few minutes to think about the magnificence of Adam, the first human.  Adam’s physical beauty and strength were beyond description.  Also God gave him a fabulous mind.  In that mind God put the roots, potential and know-how for the development and growth of every technology for the population of the world.  When we are amazed at the increase of learning and production and inventions of technology, communication, transportation, the advance of medical discoveries and procedures and surprising events in every area of science - - - remember - - - it all began with Adam.  God came unto His own, (Genesis 3:12) His own Adam, but His own received Him not.  The FALL came by Adam’s choice and in the FALL Adam corrupted his perfect nature but retained all God’s blessings of knowledge which were passed down through the generations.  We continue to profit from them and enjoy the benefits to-day.  The world, mostly, returns little or no thanks to the unfailing generosity of the Creator.  Most of Adam’s offspring follow his choice of rejection.  Adam had the dominion, sovereign authority, perfection.  He had it all but used his sovereign authority to reject the God of it all.  A sharp reminder to us.  How are we handling our sovereign authority to make our own choices?

Why did Jesus weep at the graveside of Lazarus?  Why did Jesus (Luke 13:34) weep over Jerusalem?  Why was God’s pain so great (Revelation 8:1) that all heaven was brought to a standstill in stunned silence?  (Notice that the response of God’s saints was prayer). 

Jesus knew that most of the multitude who shouted “Hosanna” would receive a King Who would free them from Rome and fill their lives with benefits.  They did not want a life-changing Saviour.

God knew that every person who rejects Jesus Christ also rejects His gracious offer to have their sin, judgment and punishment transferred to Jesus.  So they retain all of it and the time will come when God will have to deal with it and they will remember forever what could have been.

We who have received salvation are debtors (Romans 1:14) to share the Gospel with others as (Acts 1:8) His obedient witnesses.  We know (2 Corinthians 4:4) that the god of this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers lest the light of the glorious Gospel shine into them.  But do we care?  Are we praying that (Ephesians 1:18) the eyes of their understanding will be enlightened?

If our relationship to the Lord is that of love, we will obey Him without hesitation or question?  When we obey Him we fulfill our spiritual destiny.  If we seek deepening, oneness with the Father so that He can share His heart with us – we probably won’t see it – but if we are obedient our prayers will be answered all over the world.  What a glorious assurance as we expect His soon summons to take us Home.  In the meantime I need the gift of tears for the unsaved.

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