When a particular thought stays active in my mind I discuss it with the Holy Spirit and let my thoughts expand. Sometimes the Bible says something but there is something else it doesn’t say. We can see that what it doesn’t say must happen before what it does say can happen.
Joseph and Nicodemus (John 19:38-40) got permission from Pilate to take the body of Jesus from the Cross. They brought the linen cloths and the spices but there was something else they had to do before they could remove His body. Do you know what I’m thinking? They had to pull out the huge nails which kept Him fastened to the Cross. I think they were weeping as they performed this loving painful task. When the Son of man was laid in the tomb, His body had open wounds but when the Son of God rose from the dead His Body had no wounds - - only scars – glistening scars – scars which were radiant with magnificence and splendour – glorified into (Revelation 5:12) eternal beauty. These are the victory emblems He showed Thomas (John 20:27-28) and Thomas saw GOD.
At that wonderful breakfast on the shore (John 21) what emotions surged through the disciples when they saw the nail prints in the loving hands serving them?
Not until Pentecost would they understand what Jesus said (John 8:58) before Abram was I AM. Then they would understand that the One Who served them breakfast is the GREAT I AM. Then they would realize with dawning amazement that the One Who washed their feet including Judas is the GREAT I AM. No wonder they turned the world upside down!
Like many people I have operation scars and marks and blemishes –all which come from ordinary life. None of these will be on my glorified body because they are the temporary things which belong to this world.
But now come with me to the Persecuted Church. Suffering saints in the Kingdom enduring brutalities forged in the fires of hell which burn fiercely in Satan’s heart. They bear in their bodies (Galatians 6:17) the marks of the Lord Jesus. I think these marks – the evidence of their suffering – will be the rich sparkling jewels to adorn them throughout eternity and even now achieving (2 Corinthians 4:17) an eternal weight of glory being reserved for them in heaven and worth more than the entire accumulated wealth of the whole world. Because they have exalted and honoured the GREAT I AM – forever they will wear – not blemishes – but priceless jewels (1 Peter 4:13) which will continue to reflect God’s glory in them.
At times I wonder if I even begin to grasp the magnificence – radiance – splendour. If I have a problem or difficulty and I talk to the Lord Jesus about it – do I take time to remember and worship Who He is? If I’m quick and casual in prayer, how do I join (Matthew 11:29) meek and lowly with (Revelation 19:16) King of Kings and Lord of lords? I dare not pray even the briefest prayer in a casual manner because casual leads to careless and both are sin because there is no awe and barely if any, even respect. When I pray I am talking to the GREAT I AM and if my heart is right He actually listens and responds to me.
Think - - Eden – Bethlehem – Gethsemane – Calvary.
Why did He do it? How could He do it? He didn’t need us?
Listen – absorb – ponder – worship before the mystery of His great love (Ephesians 2:4) wherewith He loved us.
When understanding fails, I can only worship before the Mystery that is God. Of course there can be no worship of God without love for God.
Dr. Tozer “love is already mysteriously present in the heart as a result of some secret operation of the Holy Spirit within us. The inward operation of the Holy Spirit will enable us in His time to offer Him our poured-out fullness of love. There is always a measure of mystery”.
Do we ever take the time to fill our souls with wonder that the GREAT I AM has said to you personally and to me personally I will never leave you (Hebrews 13:5) nor forsake you?