Christmas Eve carol

Eric Metaxas

I crooned a carol Christmas Eve,The night before that Day of DaysAnd sang in it of our reprieve From death and hell that jingle bell And holly boughs each year retellIn somber and euphoric lays.I sang of One who lost his placeAnd sank to us that He might makeA way for us through endless spaceToward such return as all must yearnBut which ourselves can never earnTo fix our Parents' first mistake.I cried throughout these realms of airThat once to us EternitySent into time a babe so fairThat angels smiled to see the child,That king from paradise exiled To soon our happy Savior be. I bawled a treasury of verseInto the ears of fallen menThat He who came would crush the curseWould strike the spark to light the darkAnd would himself become the arkTo bear us to himself again.I sob this tale of wild joy  And weeping laugh at strife and sinNow vanquished by that new-born boyWho comes to us each ChristmastideWho once for us was born and diedThat true life could for us begin.And so to live then you must hideInside the death He died for you.And there inside we safely rideTill truth and grace at last collide Within that bark on Easter’s tideTo heaven where we’ll be His Bride.This Christmas carol now l leave,This somber and euphoric lay,With hopes that all might now receive These tidings of our great reprieve from death and hell that jingle bell And holly boughs each year retell:That Christ was born on Christmas Day!

From Bethlehem to pentecost

All our circumstances are woven together in a combined pattern by the pre-planned order of God.

Bethlehem for us is when we receive Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour.  We are the Bethlehem where the Son of God enters into us.  He is born in us spiritually by the Holy Spirit as truly as He was born in the womb of the virgin Mary physically by the Holy Spirit.  Immediately a new life begins within us but it is just the beginning.  Don’t linger too long in Bethlehem.  Jesus didn’t, He went on to the greater things of maturing and so should we.  Some Christians never (Ephesians 4:15) grow up in Christ beyond the new birth.  They remain as babies and know nothing of maturing in all things and in all ways in a life of obedience and intimacy with God.  Pentecost begins in Bethlehem so we have to journey on from Bethlehem.  If we trace the path of Jesus, we will see that (John 8:29) He did only the things that pleased God.  He was not distracted by the words, opinions and criticisms of others.  Even His own family at one time (Mark 3:21) said He was insane.  Later two of His formerly unbelieving brothers, James and Jude, were transformed and inspired by the Holy Spirit to write 2 of the Books in the holy Bible.  Because Jesus was available without measure to God, the Holy Spirit was given (John 3:34) without measure to Him.

Do you recognize the signs? Are you a sign?

The Life of Jesus is manifested in and through us.

There are always signs in the night sky.  There is a message in the mystery of moonlight.  There is a display of knowledge in the loveliness of sparkling crystal starlight.  The sky is an ever-changing billboard which always displays and declares the wisdom, power and faithfulness of God.  If we study their language, we will understand that they are communicating from the heart of the Creator.  Night after night (Psalms 19:1-3) we are shown knowledge as trillions of stars reveal the Sovereignty, faithfulness, power, beauty and protection of God.  The North Star definitely but recognizing the Bear, Orion, Pleiades, the Big and Little Dipper, the Hunter, etc., can be a compass for travelers.  When the Evening Star gives way to the Morning Star, the remembered beauty and wisdom of the night sky finds an echo (Lamentations 3:21-23) in the golden promises for the day, that God’s loving kindness, tender mercy and compassion will not fail.

Circumstances and promises

After – not only paying in full the unspeakable cost for our redemption – He gave us high and holy privileges.

The Lord of peace Himself (2 Thessalonians 3:16 Amplified) grant you the peace of His kingdom at all times and in all ways under all circumstances and conditions whatever comes.

Do we know and understand the "why" of our saviour?

Never has our world been so desperately in need of LIGHT.

Very – very – very familiar words – but they made a fresh deep impact on me.  You know this command.  You shall (Matthew 1:21)   call His Name Jesus.  Why could they not pick a family name or have their own choice of names?  Because, He shall save His people from their sins.