How could holy God offer free grace to sinners? And remain holy and just

The cross of Calvary

I was listening to a pastor on Christian radio who was talking about God’s Grace.  Suddenly the Holy Spirit dropped this sentence into my mind. - - The Grace of God is measured by the Worthiness of the Lamb of God - - God’s Grace (Titus 3:5-7) is greater than all my sin because the Worthiness of God’s Lamb (Revelation 5:9,13) far exceeds all my total unworthiness.  God measures out His Grace to me in accordance with the pure holy immeasurable Worthiness of the Lamb.

Does eternity frighten you, puzzle you, unsettle you or encourage you?

Christmas and Easter together spell –J E S U S!

I was just starting to pray for the Persecuted Church when this question invaded my thoughts.  What is eternity (Isaiah 57:15) which God inhabits?  Are you intrigued by eternity?  Is it a vast area created by God?  Is it a name for the high and holy place where God has established His throne?   Is it a word to describe a period from before time to the end of no ending of the never ending?  Is it an envelope which encloses time?  Is it the mother of time if it gave birth to time?  Of course, my Information Source is my Bible and my Teacher is the Holy Spirit.  So, I asked Him and listened carefully to His answers.

Jubilation or tribulation


Jesus, the Lamb of God is able to take away the sin of the world (John 1:29, Isaiah 53:6, 1 Peter 2:24) because the worthiness of the Lamb of God is far greater than all the combined sin of the whole world in all its ages throughout all time.  Let’s make it personal.  The incalculable worthiness of God’s Lamb is so far beyond measure, so greatly exceeds my total unworthiness and sin, that my salvation in Him guarantees (Romans 8:1) no condemnation for me.  His worthiness is the authority by which Jesus said (Revelation 3:10) I will keep you from the time of Tribulation which is coming on the whole world.  Apart from personal salvation, found only in the Lord Jesus Christ, no human being (Revelation 6:16-17) will escape the wrath of the Lamb.  The Great Day of God’s wrath is coming for every person on earth.  Forever too late for all those who have rejected God’s grace.  Mercy rejected becomes judgment received.  Shocking terrifying judgment will come suddenly, unexpectedly (Luke 21:35) on everyone on the face of the whole world.  The suffering will be so intense that many people will repeatedly attempt suicide but (Revelation 9:6) they will not be able to kill themselves.  God removes and (Daniel 2:21) sets up kings.  He gives their kingdoms to the various nations but each one of these kingdoms is temporary and fades into forgotten history. Temporary Sodom (Genesis 19:24-25) was utterly destroyed.  Then temporary Babylon became the sin city of the world - Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, Alexander of Greece, the Caesars of Rome and all other rulers.  Alexander was called – The Great – but what is he now? Just a small paragraph on a page of ancient temporary kingdoms of history.  But the Lord established his throne in the heavens and (Psalms 103:19) His kingdom rules over all.  The Lord will reign forever and (Lamination 5:19) His kingdom will endure through all generations.  It is God’s will that everyone endure through all generations.  It is God’s will that everyone will come (2 Timothy 3:7) to a knowledge of the Truth.  The Truth, the eternal Truth is that He is the Lord and besides Him (Isaiah 43:11) there is no Saviour and no way and no hope of salvation.  The Lord is not willing that any should perish (2 Peter 3:9) but that all would come to repentance.

The good Shepherd's sheepfold or Satan's stronghold

Our wonderful, patient Teacher, the Holy Spirit joins us at the time of Grace and actually invites us to be a partner with prayer.

You are living in one or the other of these.  Do you know in which and where you live?  Oh look!  There is a sheep.  Be careful!  Is it really a sheep or a pig disguised as a sheep?  In the sheepfold there is safety from wolves, robbers and other murdering, deceiving messengers from Satan’s stronghold.  Cast not (Matthew 7:6) your pearls before swine in case they turn around and tear you to pieces.  Why would they?  Because the Truth of God, which you have, can penetrate their disguise and expose them for the pigs they really are.  We have been warned (2 Peter 2:1) that false prophets would appear on the world scene and that false teachers will be among us.  They will teach a false gospel, a watered-down version which exchanges (Romans 1:25) the Truth of God for a lie of deception and misleading.  A pig can try to disguise himself by wearing a religious sheepskin, sometimes called a clerical collar, but that will not make him a sheep.  He is still a counterfeit, a deceiver, a pig from Satan’s stronghold.  Pigs are always selfishly greedy to fatten themselves with personal gain.  Comforting, seducing, lying religious words are the bait they use to attract to themselves the largest crowds, growing popularity and the biggest salaries.  If you scratch an itch, you will only heat up the blood and intensify the itch.  When false teachers scratch itching ears, they heat up the desire for more comforting, seducing, mind-numbing lies and strengthen the chains forged in Satan’s stronghold.  What are they saying about Truth?  Listen!  I hear them shouting (John 19:6) Crucify Him!  Those shouts come right from their swine hearts but these pigs, who come from Satan’s stronghold to teach falsehood, doctor up their words by painting them with sweet, neat deceit camouflage paint.  Only sheep teach Truth because they have been trained by the Good Shepherd in the sheepfold.  If you are in the sheepfold you need to immerse yourself in God’s Word, fill your heart and mind with the Living Truth of the holy Scriptures.  How else could you discern error and recognize the false teaching of pigs in the pulpits? - - the pigs will operate from Satan’s stronghold.

Go quickly and tell

“I would love to tell you what I think of Jesus”. 

I had no idea of what to call this meditation but in a conversation with the Holy Spirit, He gave me the title.

A line from an old hymn - -